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PSG plans the season without Mbappé

PSG plans the season without Mbappé

As events unfold, Mbappé’s future seems further away from PSG. The latest statements by Al Khelaifi, opening the exit door if he does not renew within a maximum period of two weeks and the controversy in the locker room over the player’s statements in FF, have meant an ultimatum for the French striker and a demonstration that the Parisian club is in a hurry to start making major signings.

The new PSG coach, Luis Enrique, announced the start of a new era at the entity, a new stage away from the galactic signings and in which the word “team” is above all else. The Asturian coach also revealed, during his debut in Paris, that he already has “the players we are trying to sign”. And it is that, despite the staging of Al Khelaifi and that PSG urges Mbappé to speak out to “avoid the paralysis of the club”, PSG’s sports management has already begun planning the new squad without counting on Bondy’s crack.

In addition to the signings of Ugarte, Asensio, Skriniar, Kang-In Lee and Lucas HernándezLuis Campos and his team They are in contact with various players who will involve operations with higher outlays and who would come to fill the probable vacancy left by the French star. PSG and Madrid are very aware of the striker’s decision, but many other teams and also a handful of footballers have both eyes on the Mbappé Case. World stars like Harry Kane, Mané, Bernardo Silva, Vlahovic, Gonçalo Ramos, Álex Baena or João Félix condition their future to that of Mbappé. Almost all of these are on the list of possible PSG signings and others make their future subject to the domino effect that Mbappé would leave for Real Madrid.

And it is that the Mbappé Case has paralyzed half of Europe. When asking the agents about the situation of the transfer market, most respond with the same phrase: “Everything is at a standstill.” And they add a phrase that better explains said paralysis: “As soon as Mbappé decides his future, the money will start to move.” And it is that except for the Saudi market and some specific operations that have been outlined for months, Few have been the transfers of substance that have taken place in Europe since the beginning of the summer. Saudi Arabia is paying large amounts to footballers who decide to join their league. However, it is barely paying transfers to the clubs of origin of these players, with some exceptions such as Rúben Neves’ 45 million, Koulibaly’s 23, Edouard Mendy’s 18, Brozovic’s 18 or Portuguese Jota’s 19 million. So Saudi has carried out high-sounding operations for the entity of footballers, but has only injected money into European clubs in a handful of operations. The market awaits Mbappé’s decision…

Right now

aubameyang has said no to a multi-million dollar offer of Saudi Arabia. The still Chelsea forward has not fallen into the temptation of petrodollars, since his desire is to continue in Europe.

the almeria would have rejected an offer of 15 million from the City Group by Luis Suárez. The Almeria club has executed this summer the purchase option on Marseille for eight million.

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