Home Sports PSG against Benfica, the great match in the Champions League

PSG against Benfica, the great match in the Champions League

PSG against Benfica, the great match in the Champions League

The confrontation between Paris Saint Germain -PSG- and Benfica will be the great game of the date, when a shock and jump halfway point is fulfilled in the UEFA Champions League, with the also rich plates Barcelona-Inter, Real Madrid-Shakhtar and Chelsea against the historic AC Milan.

The third day will have on Tuesday the superbo clash of the repowered Barcelona, ​​commanded by Robert Lewandowski, visiting Inter Milan, fighting for a second position that would give them solidity, knowing that the group has Bayern Munich as a favorite.

The German giant will play at home “procedurally” against the Czech Viktoria Plzen. The Fuhrer still does not allow goals (4-0) against his biggest group challengers and, although he has been surprised in the Bundesliga (3rd) against two unknowns, he is top-5 as a candidate for Orejona.

Meanwhile, Ajax will host the increased Napoli in a high-class game, for an Italian rival who plays very well in attack, riveting with Praetorian defense (+6 the scoring rate), a perfect combination that will give everyone who wants a lot of water to drink. find by the way

Marseille receives the Portuguese Sporting; Leverkusen will visit Porto. The Belgian Bruges will be local against Atlético Madrid; Frankfurt will receive the English Tottenham and Liverpool will face the Scottish Glasgow Rangers at Anfield.

monster before intruder

On Wednesday, PSG will face another great challenge to its investiture as a clear group favorite and born candidate to win its first Orejona, when it faces the intruder Benfica, in contention for the lead, in the Parc des Princes.

The super feared French club has solved with good performances, always thanks to having a very strong troop on all flanks, but in a group that also has Juventus as a serious danger.

Although it has not been sharp as in the first league games of the season with wide goals, the troupe of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar until now knew how to carburize their attack-midfield and defense to perfection.

But Benfica is not to be trusted, since it comes from dealing a surprise defeat to the “Vecchia Signora” away from home, depending on a total game in all the field.

Juve will have to take advantage of their home ground, as well as their rival (Maccabi Haifa) to score points in a desperate comeback after their first defeats.

Other matches

In the remaining matches, Real Madrid will not have them as comfortable as the rival’s name would lie. The Ukrainian Shakhtar Donetsk adds four points, including a golden draw (1-1) against Chelsea, another candidate for the Orejona.

The Galactics will arrive with their compact squad, before the return of San Karim Benzema and a maddened Vinicius who does not stop scoring, although beaten by a pyrrhic draw (1-1) at home against Osasuna.

Meanwhile, the “Bleu” troop will see them with nothing more than AC Milan, second largest in Orejonas (7) on their return to the Champions League. The English are compelled to get the three points, especially since they will play in their sanctuary, Stamford Bridge.

In the other matches, Leipzig will face Celtic; Salzburg hosts Dinamo Zagreb at home and Manchester City would have their clash against Danish Copenhagen as a piece of cake, a day that closes with Sevilla receiving Borussia Dortmund.

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