PS5 Pro: this could be the presentation date of the new console

PlayStation 5 completes three years on the market in 2023 and this opens the door for the launch of a new version of the console. That could be the long-awaited PS5 Pro and a new report gives us an idea of ​​when it might be revealed.

The thesis is presented by the renowned Tom Henderson, one of the most reliable sources in the gaming market. According to him, Sony is preparing to introduce a new PS5 console possibly in September 2023.

PS5 Pro could arrive in September 2023

This information comes in the context of a report informing about the development of two new accessories for the PlayStation 5. They are wireless headphones and a headset, but we will talk a little more about them.


For now, it is important to highlight the fact that Henderson mentions the arrival of a new PlayStation 5 on the shelves in September 2023. Although he does not specify what this new console will be like, many expect it to be the expected PS5 Pro.

What he means is that this new console will come with a removable disc player. A new product that he himself announced for the first time that Sony would be developing.

It should also be noted that Tom Henderson himself has already been skeptical about the release of a PS5 Pro. Your sources are not telling you about the development of that console, but about a “second generation” PS5 with that removable disk player.

There are those who also equate the launch of PS5 Slim, eventually when it comes to presenting the hypothetical PS5 Pro. In other words, there is still no consensus regarding the console that Sony will put in stores in the fall of 2023.

Sony prepares two audio accessories for the PlayStation 5

The report shared by Tom Henderson himself reports on the development of two new audio products for the PS5. First of all, we will have wireless headphones codenamed Nomad.

These should have an autonomy of about five hours. They will have, like the different products in their segment, their transport and charging box that can be charged via USB-C directly on the PlayStation 5.

Secondly, we will have new headphones with the Sony seal, for now known only as Voyager. Its details are scarce, it is only mentioned that it will have characteristics similar to the Inzone H7.

Both audio accessories are expected to be unveiled at the end of fiscal year 2023. This means that their official unveiling is expected to take place in March 2024.

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