PS5 Pro: 8K compatible, released in 2024, here are the first rumors

The PS5 Pro is already starting to make people talk about it. Indeed, the specialized YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead has just published several information about the next supposed console from Sony. We take stock of these revelations.

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While Sony has just launched a new version of the lighter PS5, all eyes are already starting to turn to the PS5 Pro. It must be said that Sony has become accustomed to offering mid-cycle consoles, generally more powerful and more appealing to players who are still on machines from previous generations.

The manufacturer applied this strategy with the PS4 Pro, designed above all to encourage PS3 owners to switch to the new generation under the best possible conditions. In fact, Sony is more than likely to repeat this tactic with the PS5. And precisely, our colleagues from the Wccftech site have just relayed initial information on the PS5 Pro. This information comes from the specialty YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead.

An 8K compatible PS5 Pro by the end of 2023?

According to its sources, Sony is currently working on a PS5 Pro, for a launch planned between late 2023 and early 2024. Console stamped Pro requires, the machine would have significant technical improvements compared to the classic PS5, starting with an 8K display. In addition, he claims that the console would carry a new AMD APU with brand new IP CPU / GPU. Sony would also count on a new RDNA and Zen architecture. This new chip would be engraved in 5nm.

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Also thanks to the partnership with AMD, the PS5 Pro would also benefit from the FSR, the FidelityFX Super Resolution. This technology is emerging as the main competitor of DLSS from Nvidia. The principle remains the same: generate a high resolution image of each frame, while providing the necessary computing power to the graphics card to display smooth movements.

With such improvements, the YouTube channel claims that the PS5 Pro could have a TDP which would exceed 300W. This would obviously impact its selling price which could be between 600 and 700 dollars. Of course, these revelations should be taken with a grain of salt. As a reminder, Sony has made an appointment with the players this Thursday, September 9, 2021 for a new State of Play dedicated to the PS5.

Source: Wccftech

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