PS5 Classics: More Than Meets the Eye?

For many gamers, the absence of backward compatibility has been a major flaw of the PlayStation 5. Currently, only certain classic games can be played through the store (ports and selected releases) and/or the PS Plus service, mainly PS1 and PS2 being the main protagonists of this issue. This could be about to change.

Shpeshal Nick, one of the most reputable insiders on the international scene, revealed in the Xbox Era podcast that PlayStation would be working on bringing some of its video games, specifically PS3, to the PlayStation 5 for the first time.

PlayStation 5 could expand its catalog with PS3

The unusual aspect is that it would not be through a streaming service. Instead, they would be individual releases that could be purchased independently from other services. This strategy is not surprising, as it’s similar to how they’ve handled PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable (PSP) games on their console. However, many players may not be pleased, as this would require them to purchase games they’ve already owned before, without any upgrades.

On a positive note, the PS3 catalog has some impressive titles. It’s likely that most of these games would be available through the PS Plus service, but not all of them, given that it’s common for a limited selection of games to be part of the service. I’d love to ask you two questions: Do you think Sony’s strategy is good or would you have preferred them to act differently? Additionally, if it were true, which PS3 game would you like to see?

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