Home Sports ‘Proud to have more money…’, Kapil Dev’s anger erupted on Indian players

‘Proud to have more money…’, Kapil Dev’s anger erupted on Indian players

'Proud to have more money...', Kapil Dev's anger erupted on Indian players

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) is the richest cricket board in the world. The board has come a long way in recent years. Along with the board progress, there was a nice increase in player earnings. The board gives crores of rupees to the players on yearly contracts. At the same time, former Indian veteran and 1983 World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev lashed out at the Indian players.

Kapil Dev believes that players take pride in receiving more money. The Indian team last won the ICC trophy in 2013. Kapil Dev said in an interview that I think sometimes people become arrogant because they have more money and start to feel like they know everything. The good thing about these players is that they have a lot of confidence.

Kapil Dev said that the downside of these players is that they think they know everything. You don’t need to ask anyone anything. An experienced person can help you. But with more money comes arrogance. These cricketers think they know everything and that is the difference. I think many players need help. Sunil Gavaskar is here, so why don’t you talk to him? What is the use of arrogance in this?

The 2023 World Cup will be played in the host of India from October 5. This time, through the tournament played at home, the India team would also like to end the long ICC trophy drought. Former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the ICC trophy for the last time under his captaincy. At the same time, the team had also recently lost the final of the ICC World Quiz Championship. In such a situation, this World Cup will be very important for India.

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