Protests against Modi in Nepal, the government issued a warning

Kathmandu: A huge protest has been staged against Modi over the death of a Nepali man near the Indian border.

According to media reports, a Nepali man drowned in the Mahakali river on the Indian border, leading to a massive protest against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi’s effigy was also burnt in the protest. Warning of action against.

According to the Situpati NewsSite report, a statement issued by the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Fernandar Mani Pokhrelli, said that the Ministry’s attention was being drawn to the Prime Minister of the neighboring country by chanting slogans and holding rallies and burning effigies. Without saying that any issue will be resolved through diplomatic channels and stern action will be warned against those involved in such activities targeting the neighboring country.It may be recalled that J Singh had gone missing after falling into the Dhami River on July 30 while crossing the Mahakali River from Rupa. A complaint was lodged with the police alleging that the Border Police of India SB had cut the rope used to cross Mahakali.

Nepal’s Interior Ministry has formed a committee to investigate the incident.


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