Protesters take to the streets in Sudan, three of the main pro-democracy activists arrested

Image source: AP
The crackdown on pro-democracy activists continues after the coup in Sudan.

Cairo: Actions against pro-democracy activists continue following a coup in Sudan, in which the army detained three prominent people advocating for democracy in the country. Pro-democracy protesters blocked roads with temporary barricades and burning tires in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Tuesday, the day after a military coup. According to the doctors, the soldiers opened fire on the protesting crowd, in which 4 protesters were killed.

The family confirmed the arrest of the supporters of democracy

Meanwhile, the arrest of 3 prominent people advocating for democracy has been confirmed by their families on Wednesday. Supporters of democracy detained by the army include Ismail al-Taj, Sadiq al-Sadiq al-Mahdiq and Khalid al-Silayq. Meanwhile, pressure from the international community on the military to withdraw the coup continues to mount. Three pro-democracy men were arrested hours after the military allowed the ousted Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and his wife to return home.

The coup is considered a great threat to the restoration of democracy
Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok, a former UN economist, and other senior officials were arrested on Monday following a coup by the military. The military coup in Sudan is seen as a major threat to the process of restoring democratic order in the country. Former ruler Omar al-Bashir and his Islamic government were toppled in 2019 following a popular uprising, and efforts to restore democracy in Sudan have since intensified.

Critics question General Burhan’s intentions
General Abdel-Fatah Burhan, who came to power after the coup, promised to hold elections in Sudan as scheduled in July 2023 and, in the meantime, appoint a technocratic government. But critics question General Burhan’s intentions, saying the military is unlikely to eventually allow democratic rule to be restored in the country.

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