Prosegur launches pet-friendly alarm in Portugal

The new Prosegur alarm system stands out for its new Pet Ready technology which, according to the company, will allow animals to move freely around the house with the alarm on. Faced with several reports of “false positives” in which the alarm was activated by pets, the company tried to solve this problem.

More specifically, the company indicated that 6.67% of the clients registered the occurrence of a false alarm in the last year due to the movement of their animals.

In addition, according to data from the Companion Animal Information System (SIAC), Portugal has around 3 million dogs and more than 600,000 cats registered as companion animals.

Prosegur highlights the new Pet Ready technology for effective alarms


Users with pets, traditional security systems can often give false alarms due to the movement of animals.

In fact, 6.67% of Prosegur Alarmas’ Portuguese clients have reported a false alarm in the last year due to the movement of their animals.

Given this fact, Prosegur Alarms has launched an alarm compatible with pets thanks to its new Pet-ready technology.

This new system allows animals to move freely around the house with the alarm on, as well as remote monitoring. All thanks to the commitment to technology that combines artificial intelligence, video analysis and security cameras.

Artificial intelligence “rules out” pet movement

To do this, the company has new sensors and has developed specific installation and monitoring processes in the 24-hour Security Center (CS24h) for Pet Ready alarms.

Here with the aim of guaranteeing the well-being of your pets and avoiding false alarms. In addition, allowing remote interaction with your animals through the Prosegur Smart App.

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Thanks to Pet Ready technology, it is no longer necessary to limit the circulation space of the animals to a single room in the house when it is necessary to leave the alarm on.

Well, something that would jeopardize your well-being. Therefore, with this new system, pets will be able to move freely around the property and the house will be 100% protected.

We can also interact with pets from a distance


In addition to these advantages, this new system has “dual control” in case an alarm is triggered. If a sensor reacts, an automatic notification is generated on the CS24H, which will immediately show what is happening inside the property. Then you can start the corresponding response protocol.

Additionally, the security company already has cameras with intelligent recognition that distinguish between people and pets. EITHER system It is already available in Portugal.

Therefore, in case you are away from home, these cameras will also help you keep an eye on your pets. This is because the camera’s talk/listen function allows you to interact with them, reassure them or give them commands.

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