Proscenic V10 review: Affordable 3-in-1 robot vacuum that maps your home

Robot vacuums are increasingly popular products and there are countless options on the market. These bring more peace of mind to our lives, since they are a great complement to manual cleaning. And the Proscenic V10 it brings not only versatility but also accessibility, at a competitive price.

It is a 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that, in addition to vacuuming, also has a mop to mop your dry or wet floors. And the best thing is that it has laser-assisted navigation, which creates an interactive map of your house that gives you a lot of possibilities. Do we know better?

Proscenic V10

Proscenic V10 Main Features

  • Suction power: 3000 Pa
  • Suction levels: 3
  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh
  • Run time: up to 120 minutes
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Noise: between 63 and 73 dB
  • Overcomes obstacles up to 20mm
  • Side brush: 1
  • Tank capacity: 240ml in the trash + 250ml in the water tank
  • Product weight: 2.8kg
  • Product size: 335 x 335 x 74mm

Unboxing Proscenic V10

Considering its price of just over €200, the Proscenic V10 offers a very satisfying unboxing experience. It arrives with everything we need in the box to start exploring its full cleaning potential.

In the box we find the vacuum cleaner itself with its 2-in-1 tank, a charging station and the power adapter. If you don’t want to control it with the Proscenic app, the brand also comes with a remote control in the box, with AAA batteries to power it.

It comes with two HEPA filters, two side brushes, a cleaning brush to remove dirt, and two scrubbing cloths. You also have the base where you will fit these cloths for dry or wet cleaning. And of course, an instruction manual.

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Proscenic V10

The potential of Proscenic V10

Let’s start with the potential of this Proscenic V10. In addition to the vacuum cleaner, as mentioned above, it has a high-frequency vibration mopping system. This means that, in addition to vacuuming, you can clean the floor dry or wet.

It has the capacity to vacuum harder floors and carpets, and can overcome obstacles up to 20 mm high. And if you’re mopping, you can walk away from a rug where it’s not supposed to be.

The Proscenic V10’s high frequency vibratory mopping system is very effective. It makes up to 3,000 vibrations per minute that help you scrub your floors more efficiently. In the case of suction, you can count on a suction power of 3000 pa.

Proscenic V10

One of the great highlights of this robot vacuum is its PathPro laser-assisted navigation. This means that it has a LiDAR sensor, which performs intelligent mapping of your home. And if your house has several floors, you can add up to 5 in the app.

Ideally, users should block any possibility of the vacuum getting close to the stairs. But with the Proscenic V10, you can count on height sensors to help prevent falls and keep you off the stairs.

At 7.4 centimeters tall, the Proscenic V10 doesn’t hesitate to vacuum under furniture that allows for such adventures. This makes it easier to vacuum in difficult places where you normally have to bend down to vacuum.

Proscenic V10

The application and technology Proscenic V10

The Proscenic V10 can be accompanied by an application available for Android and iOS. And doing the initial setup of the vacuum was one of the easiest things I’ve experienced out of the various vacuums I’ve used. The only issue you need to be aware of is that everything will work just fine in English, as Portuguese is not available at the time of writing (not a problem).

As soon as you perform the initial configuration, the first step should be to reconnoiter the terrain. When using auto mode, the Proscenic V10 will map your home (up to 5 maps), thanks to the built-in LiDAR sensor.

From there, the ‘party’ begins. We have 3 levels of suction power, and in the case of the strongest you can expect more noise but more effectiveness in the task. If you put the mop and/or the water in the tank, you can use that mode in the corresponding area of ​​the app.

Proscenic V10

The creation of the mapping of the house opens several possibilities. The first, and most obvious, is that this makes vacuuming/cleaning more effective and precise, as it doesn’t walk ‘randomly’ through space. But the second is the possibility of installing installment cleaning.

You can make it vacuum only predefined rooms or, for example, say that in that room you want the vacuum cleaner to be done with more force. Through the ‘Spot’ option, you can even send it to just vacuum a certain specific spot on the map that is dirty. For example, if you spilled coffee in the kitchen, you can ask them to only go to that area to vacuum/clean up.

Another interesting part that you can define for each aspiration is not the “forbidden zones”. Basically, if you don’t want it to vacuum/mop in a certain area, you can set all of that in the app, and the Proscenic V10 will only go through the remaining areas on the map.

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proscenic v10

It is also through the app that you can schedule vacuuming/cleaning sessions. You can define the map in which you want the cleaning to be done, define the cleaning mode and power, and the area where you want the cleaning to be done. Then simply set a time and periodicity, and the Proscenic V10 does the rest.

It’s also in the app that you can view the cleaning history, ask it not to disturb you at certain times, or perform remote control right in the app. There you can configure if you want it to be silent or to emit a sound/voice signal every time you vacuum. The voice can be in English or Chinese.

In the app you can also see how the useful life of the components of the vacuum cleaner is, to know when it is necessary to clean or replace them. You have data from the filter, side brush, main brush and sensors.

proscenic v10

You can add virtual assistant control. This one is compatible with the Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri and IFTTT apps. Options for third-party external controls abound.

The battery of the Proscenic V10

The battery of the Proscenic V10 is 2600 mAh, and the brand promises a maximum operating time of 120 minutes. Obviously, these are times that we can only achieve if we use it in the lowest suction power mode.

In the event that you want to get the full potential of your vacuum cleaner and do like me and use the maximum suction power mode, you get a range of between 45 and 50 minutes. If it hasn’t vacuumed the entire map, it returns to base to recharge when it drops below 20%. Once enough power is available, it starts working again without you having to do a thing.

proscenic v10

My opinion on the Proscenic V10

With a price of just over €200, the Proscenic V10 is a very complete bet in the panorama of 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaners. The fact that it has a LiDAR sensor and intelligently maps your home is, in my opinion, a of its advantages. best tools

I can tell you that this mapping is very well done. The Proscenic V10 surprises, because it doesn’t ‘fight’ with the furniture, as has happened to me with other more expensive products with mapping of this type. And a ‘plus’ is that we can map up to 5 floors.

Speaking of the map, the Proscenic app is quite complete. As I showed you above, we have map management, the possibility of scheduling cleaning or cleaning only specific areas. This with a control anywhere in the world. It gives us details about the components and allows us to associate it with the virtual assistant of our choice.

proscenic v10

Versatility is a must for this model. Even though I’m only using it for vacuuming, the mop option is attractive if you want to do both wet and dry cleaning. The only negative point to declare is that it is a bit noisier than I thought. Especially if we use it in maximum suction mode. But it is something that will not be a problem if it works mostly when you are not at home.

Conclusion on Proscenic V10

If you are thinking of spending between €200 and €250, this is without a doubt a robot vacuum cleaner that I recommend. It has a LiDAR sensor, which allows it to intelligently map your home. The app is quite complete, and allows you to schedule cleaning or define areas to be vacuumed (or not).

Its 3000 Pa suction power is quite decent for the price, the only thing to note is that it is a bit noisy at the power level. Less positive points for a product that bears our seal of quality, especially if we take into account the price range compared to its quality.

As of this writing, you can find the Proscenic V10 for sale on the Hekka website for just €214.92. But with the exclusive code 4gnews”HECPV10”, you can save €18 and have the product for only €196.92. Prices may change in the future

proscenic v10

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It should be noted that the product is shipped from a European warehouse with free shipping to Portugal. As it is shipped from Europe, you will not have any problems with customs and you can expect the product to arrive in 7-13 business days.

Proscenic V10

Strengths of Proscenic V10

  • Smart home mapping thanks to built-in LiDAR sensor
  • Possibility of programming the aspiration by zones
  • 3000 Pa suction power
  • Very complete app with many customization options
  • Voice control possible with Google, Alexa, Siri or IFTTT

Points to improve of Proscenic V10

  • Somewhat noisy in full power mode

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