Project Leonardo: the new controller for PS5 that allows the exchange of parts

Sony took advantage of the spotlight of CES 2023 to present its Project Leonard. This is a new controller for PS5 that allows part swapping and provides various software options.

This new controller is also being developed to allow gamers with special needs to play more comfortably and for longer.

Sony’s Leonardo project presented at CES 2023

Introducing Project Leonardo for PS5, a highly customizable accessibility controller kit designed to help gamers with disabilities play easier, more comfortably, and for longer periods of time. More information:

—PlayStation (@PlayStation) January 5, 2023

During this year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will run until January 8, Sony presented the Leonardo Project. It is a new controller for PS5 that comes with a commendable function and some highly desired news.

The Japanese gaming giant is developing this new controller to allow people with special needs to “play more comfortably and for longer periods of time.” This is a commendable feature.

Sony Project Leonardo

Now let’s get to the exciting news. The new controller comes with a customizable parts kit that allows you to swap out the included parts for others. Also, there are various software options. According to Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, the idea is to provide “an out-of-the-box experience.”

This kit was specially developed to meet the needs of “limited motor control” gamers who find it difficult to hold a controller for a long period of time, position their fingers, and also have difficulty pressing small buttons accurately.

To address these issues, the new controller has the buttons on two flat circular pads, with an enlarged area of ​​pressure points. Sony considers this controller to be a “gamer display” as it is fully customizable and includes buttons of various sizes and shapes.

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Sony Project Leonardo

On the other hand, Project Leonardo also allows you to map several buttons to the same function. It is also possible to store button configurations as profiles. Everything to facilitate the desired and appropriate selection for the different types of games.

Although Sony has introduced this new controller, it is still under development. For this reason, the Japanese giant did not provide information on its date of arrival on the market and the final sale price to the public.

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