Profitable trading or investing based on risk-reward.

DoopieCash’s latest video focuses on entering profitable positions. The key to trading or investing profitably is a healthy risk/reward balance. You want your trade setups to have a higher potential reward than the risk. In other words: risk management. When we talk about risk we mean the distance from entry to the stop loss and when we talk about reward we mean the distance from entry to the next point of resistance. This is comprehensive of what to look out for in terms of risk management. Risk management sounds far from sexy, but if you master it and use it properly, the results will of course increase.

Using a good risk-reward ratio is essential for any Bitcoin (BTC) trader. Proportions and examples are shown in the video.

Learn to trade bitcoin with DoopieCash

DoopieCash offers a wide range of options for anyone wanting to learn how to trade. For true beginners, there is the free crypto trading course. This course is specially designed to help beginners and introduce them to the world of cryptocurrencies.

For those who already have experience or want to learn more, DoopieCash Trading offers tutorials. These programs are not basic or complete courses with many unnecessary topics, but two easy-to-understand and self-designed trading systems. So the guys at DoopieCash have something for everyone!

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