Professional League: with opaque football, the public returned to the field

With the colorful setting offered by the return of the fans to the field, Unión de Santa Fe turned it around and beat Aldosivi 2-1 in the José María Minella of Mar del Plata.

Emanuel Brítez against gave the advantage to the local team, which added a new defeat, had his future coach Martín Palermo in the audience replacing Fernando Gago and marked the debut of Gabriel Hauche, who dissociated himself during the Argentinos Juniors week and entered the complement in the Shark.

The Tatengue -provisionally directed by the interim DT Marcelo Mosset and waiting for the Uruguayan Gustavo Munúa to take the reins – the thread achieved his second success with a double by Gastón González and is excited to raise the level.

Hats, flags, headbands, horns, drums, entire families, green and yellow balloons were the main protagonists of the popular local, which did not look full, but yes very animated and that did not stop encouraging. Despite the fact that the football offered by Aldosivi and Unión de Santa Fe was low-flying.

From the outset, the visitor was a little better planted on the court, with the enthusiasm of González -who would later have a prize- looking to partner with forwards Luna Diale and with Márquez. The three had approaches to the goal, although the most dangerous was at the feet of the midfielder then turned scorer, who demanded the local goalkeeper.

The game was of little technical tenor, until Iñíguez escaped on the left and his center was connected headlong by Braida to the crossbar, although in the rebound Brítez to the race he took the ball and beat his own goalkeeper.

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The joy of the green-yellow audience lasted what a sigh, because of a short corner a left foot from González that pretended to be the center, He ended up hitting the stick and sneaking into Devecchi’s fence, who reacted late. The Titan regretted it and bit his lip, continuing to take notes.

Before going to the locker room, Cerro made good a mistake, recovered the ball and yielded to Guzmán, who dribbled between two red-headed defenders, but his shot went high.

In the add-on, Aldosivi tried to take control of the game. But for the happiness of a handful of Santa Fe in one of the elbows of the Mar del Plata stadium, billed the Tatengue, which after an overflow of Luna Diale escaping from the mark of Emiliano Insúa sent a center to the middle of area for González to shout the second.

Despite the encouragement of its people, the Shark -already with the Hauche Demon on the court- he pushed to tie it, but without clarity or ideas.

On your side, Union endured and won three valuable points for Santa Fe.


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