Professional League: Vélez and River tied in an electrifying duel

In an electrifying duel, the River striker tied 2-2 this Monday with Velez at the José Amalfitani stadium, at the close of date 18 of the Professional League.

Paraguayan Defender Robert Rojas and the entered Lucas Beltrán scored in Martín Demichelis’s team, which was six units behind San Lorenzohis immediate pursuer.

Lucas Pratto and Francisco Ortega scored for Fortínwho was twice at a disadvantage and despite the hostile climate in the cold night of Liniers managed to stop the process.

The duel started with an intense rhythm and two teams with a lot of vocation to look for the goal in front. As a result of this dynamic, the first person who warned was the local based on his jewel, the Prestianni boy, who provoked a great reaction from Armani.

But in front was Demichelis’s teamthat planted five midfielders with a good footing to put pressure on his host. And the idea turned out to be fruitful.

Opportunities were not long in coming. at the feet of the Colombian Borja, of “Nacho” Fernández and a bombing from outside the Barco area that seemed to magnify the figure of “Chila” Gómez.

until redin full offensive position, managed to beat the local goalkeeper, He put the Millionaire on top and left him more pointer than ever.

From the bank, the “Tigre” Gareca was desperate giving instructions to his, who could not get out of the siege. Because the midfielders from Velez – drowned by the pressure of the rival – could not associate themselves and their strikers were left too isolated. Even so, Janson had his chance to equalize, but he missed it too high.

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Back from the locker room, the taba seemed to turn around. In a magnificent individual action, Cabrera snubbed Casco and opened for Ordóñez, whose shipment was captured to the race by Pratto, who celebrated the draw against his former team a little angry with some local supporters.

Right away, the Uruguayan Godín almost nailed the second header. But from then, Vélez stopped to play against. It was a bad decision.

Because River regained control and a header from Beltrán put Demichelis’s team on top. Nevertheless, near the end, a shoe of Ortega surprised Armani and thus prevented the visit from taking the three points for Nunez.

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