Professional League: Unión and Colón tied and still cannot win

The Santa Fe classic ended tied 1-1 and the person who celebrated the most was the coach from Colón, the Uruguayan Marcelo Saralegui. If he lost, he would become the first coach fired of the year. Even, the names of some of his possible replacements were already running. Equality, now perhaps grant him, a few more dates in his position. In any case, the afternoon ended with a bitter taste for the traditional adversaries none have won so far in the championship and in the case of Unión, the bad streak takes on worrying edges in the face of the average: of their last 14 games, they have only won one with six draws and seven losses.

Unión took the lead with a goal from Luciano Aued 21 minutes into the first half; between kevin zennon and Imanol Machuca combined a penalty corner from the right that Thiago Vecino combed and Aued defined with a crossed shot. Before and after, that advantage was justified. The Colombian Yeison Gordillo managed the midfield, well supported at his sides by Machuca and Luna Diale, and all of them found good continuity in the Uruguayan striker Thiago Vecino. But deficiencies reappeared when defining.

Unión had several counterattacks to increase the score but was always wrong. Even with a numerical advantage, he never knew how to solve and for this reason, as the minutes passed, Colón began to cheer up. Before, the nervousness of his players was evident under pressure for having lost the first three of the tournament. He showed the same shortcomings as always: little play, slow transfer and too many hits for Ábila.

The procedure was balanced when the flyers of Colón entered the scene. Pierotti, Perlaza, Galván and Arrúa (the latter two moving behind the Unión media) started to share possession of the ball and very soon, just seven minutes into the second stage, the tie came: Ábila qualified the Ecuadorian Perlaza with fairness, who beat the Uruguayan Mele with another cross shot. Before, Unión had had two shots from Vecino to increase the difference.

From then on, no one risked. Equality seemed to conform them and the match became cut and tangled. As if not losing was more important than winning. He got more than what was played (there were eight reprimands) and in the last play of the afternoon, Colón was about to strike: Juan Pablo Alvarez (who had replaced Pierotti) finished off from a closed position and the ball crossed the entire area and went very close to the far post.

It would have been overkill. Neither was much more than the other and the tie left everything where it was. In a bad game, with two teams that for some reason still could not add three. And that it will be very difficult for them to do so if they insist on continuing to play like this.

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