Home Sports Professional League: Talleres drowned River’s cry of champion

Professional League: Talleres drowned River’s cry of champion

Professional League: Talleres drowned River's cry of champion

Three dates from the end of the Professional League, Talleres de Córdoba had the obligation to win in Patricios Park to avoid the anticipated celebration of River and achieved it 1-0 against Huracán, which sinks into the relegation zone.

the only both from the set of Javier Gandolfi it was scored by the admitted José Romero 5 minutes from the end.

Talleres’ chances of reaching the title are minimal, because they need to win all their remaining games and hope that River loses them. In this context, the first part, despite a certain vertigo, was pure yawning. Huracán and Talleres were shortly injured in an ice cream “Palacio” Ducó.

The Cordovan team controlled the game at the beginning and had a couple of arrivals with the prominence of the Colombian Valoyes and Garroits main figures, since the striker Michael Santos was out due to a muscle injury and defender Juan Gabriel Rodríguez is suspended for having reached the fifth yellow card.

on your side, Diego Martínez’s revamped team planted a cautious 4-4-2 scheme that gave him some security in the background, but offered very little in offense.

Already in the complement, Huracán improved a little and when Matías Gómez was well outlined and in front of the goal, the goalkeeper Herrera led him without fail inside the area.

The second stage passed practically without arrivals of real danger, until Hezze lost the ball at the exit before Garro, he enabled Romero and the newly admitted did not forgivesank more to Hurricane and the celebration choked River.

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