Professional League: San Lorenzo played poorly and lost 1-0 to Barracas Central

San Lorenzo closed a black week with another defeat. He had just lost 3-2 on the hour against Fortaleza in Brazil for the Copa Sudamericana. And now he fell again 1 to 0 against central barracks for the Professional League championship. If River beats Vélez, Rubén Insúa’s team could be seven points off the lead, an important but not decisive difference. Barracas played for one time and held out the other, and that’s why they won. San Lorenzo never found a way to enter the game and was always uncomfortable. That’s why he lost. And he resigned an undefeated of ten dates at the local level.

Even in the first stage, San Lorenzo granted defensive spaces that they don’t usually give up. He lacked rigor and intensity to capture the divided balls and prevail in individual duels. At eleven minutes, Brian Calderara made a great run to the left, ran over Luján and Leguizamón and He launched a precise cross that Alexis Domínguez headed into the net. But the Cyclone still did not react. With little, Barracas handled the ball, put more people in attack and forced Insúa to tighten the pins at halftime.

The San Lorenzo coach made three changes: He took out Maroni, Bareiro and Leguizamón, put them in Martegani, Blandi and Barrios and San Lorenzo acknowledged the message. At least, he faced the second half with a strength that he had not had in the first half, although with the same lack of attacking ideas. The starts from the left towards the center and the dribbling of Barrios seemed the preview of an imminent tie. But a move by Insúa himself (he switched to full-back Luján for Cerrutti and withdrew Barrios to the middle of the field) moved the diminutive striker away from the area where Barracas defended with a line of five and in parallel, deflated his team.

Just in the final ten minutes with the entry of the Colombian Carlos Sánchez for the big Campi, Barrios played up again. But the best Barça moment had already passed. Despite the fact that he ended up attacking with four and a double spearhead (Vombergar and Blandi), the riot of crosses and balls that he commanded could not disrupt Barracas’ stamina and condemned San Lorenzo to a new defeat after a week in which he only showed fervor. No football or results.

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