Professional League: San Lorenzo came out of Junín and catches fire

San Lorenzo beat 1-0 this Monday to Sarmiento in the Eva Peron stadium in Junindue to the continuity of the fourth date of the Professional League.

In the plugin, Federico Gattoni gave victory to Rubén Insúa’s team, who reached 9 units and It is located three from the Lanús pointer.

with defeat, the Green was planted in 4 points, reached 1,120 in the average -like Central Córdoba-, just above Platense and Arsenalboth in direct relegation positions.

Although San Lorenzo began the process with the intention of being a protagonist in attack, the first risk play was for the hostfrom a run by the gunner Gondou that culminated in a shot that came off near Batalla’s left post.

Immediately a sort of rout broke out in the popular stands, which caused the goalkeeper from San Lorenzo to move away from his own area and the referee Herrera briefly froze the actions of the game, pending police intervention.

The meeting resumed with a slight predominance of the Juninenses. So, the experienced Lisandro López tested the goal and found an answer in the goalkeeper of the Cyclone. Right away, “Pocho” Cerutti raised his leg dangerously to get hold of the ball and all he did was inadvertently hurt his partner Vombergarwho a little later would continue on the field blindfolded and wearing a swimming cap on his head.

The big Barça attacker was precisely able to score it with effort between two defenders, although he found goalkeeper Meza well off. Even so, López and Toledo’s job seemed to be enough to complicate the visiting last line.

The minutes passed and the “Doggy” Barrios and Braida no longer weighed in midfield. Bareiro was erratic, the bleeding Vombergar and Cerutti received little play, so San Lorenzo could not prosper offensively. And that greatly worried DT Insúawho shortly before the break sent the entire bench of substitutes to warm up.

After a first stage without many emotions, Sarmiento continued to press and prevented San Lorenzo from developing a game clearly: Just a long-range shot from Braida, so the changes were not long in coming.

And the entry of Luján did very well for the Insúa group, because his center on the right flank could be downloaded upside down by Vombergar in the area, Bareiro curtained, goalkeeper Meza rebounded and Gattoni -in nine position- billed left-handed to put up the visit.

Sarmiento was able to tie it in a flurry, but the Batalla insurance and then Captain Elías -on the line- took charge of preventing it. So, San Lorenzo emerged gracefully from Junín and is close to the lot of those above in the contest.

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