Professional League: Rosario Central won and is encouraged to fight

With one more player Rosario Central won 2-1 this Sunday to Arsenal at the Gigante de Arroyitowithin the framework of the third date of the Professional League.

opened the account Lautaro Guzmán for the visitbut Francis Mac Allister and Alejo Véliz gave the victory to Miguel Angel Russo’s team, who got on So to the top of the table with 7 points.

Quick at the start of the matchafter two minutes, Luis Leal and Lucas Souto put a good wall, Londoño dragged the mark to leave Guzmán face to face with the goalkeeper Gaspar Servioafter leaving Damián Martínez on the road and put the visitor up with great definition.

Few minutes later of the Arsenal goal, Joaquín Pombo made a strong foul on Véliz when he went alone for the one-on-one with Alejandro Medina and the referee showed him the yellow card. However, the VAR called him to review the play and, realizing that the offense was a play of last resort, changed the decision and sent off the central defender of Arse.

And after a free kick near the area, Rosario Central struck with the well-deserved tie: a great pass from Mac Allister to a well positioned Ignacio Malcorra, who reached the bottom and put the pass back for Mac Allister himself to start the comeback with a bitten shot, but well attached to the post of Medina.

Laterthe VAR was the protagonist of the second expulsion of Arsenal: Adrián Sporle could not stop the race With the ball and when Carlos Quintana went to cross it to steal the ball received a hard ironing from the left side of the visit. The referee Fernando Espinoza, as with Pombo, had shown him the yellow card, but after seeing the replay he changed his decision and Sporle saw the red.

At the start of the plugin, Véliz
-fundamental in the local offense- received a cross from far away from Malcorra after a corner kick and He connected with his head for the 2-1 that would be final.

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Despite the dominance of Rosario Central, the process of the match was equalized after the expulsion of Alan Rodríguez by an ironing in the air. However, the auriazul kept the three points. Arsenal, sunk at the bottom of the averages, adds just one in the League.

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