Home Sports Professional League: River took advantage of Banfield and continues to lead

Professional League: River took advantage of Banfield and continues to lead

Professional League: River took advantage of Banfield and continues to lead

River Plate, leader of the Professional League, won 4-1 this Monday to Banfield in the stadium Florencio Sola, by the date 20.

Two goals from Lucas Beltrán (one at each stage), Pablo Solari and Salomón Rondón gave victory to Martín Demichelis’ team, that with one less party leads the board with 44 points and takes four to Talleres de Córdobahis immediate pursuer.

The penalty discount in charge of Milton Giménez did not reach those directed by Julio César Falcioniwhat were left penultimate and with a worrying average of 1,151the same as Sarmiento de Junín.

In the cold night of the South of the suburbs, Demichelis’s team needed just six minutes to get ahead. After an outstanding series of more than twenty touches, the play ended with the brilliant qualification of Solari so that Beltránwith his tremendous scoring nose, I would put up the visit. The VAR review for a possible previous and subsequent offside hand by the center forward ended up confirming the conquest.

At a disadvantage, the Drill came out resolutely to trace the result and between the boy Bisanz and Sosa Sánchez they tried to take the spear. But when Giménez demanded a quick reaction from Armanithe archer He sent a long ball and made Mago and Insúa get tangled up with the ballsomething that Solari did not miss out on get into the banfileña area and open the game to Beltrán, he returned courtesies and the former Colo Colo striker defined with precision before the sterile effort of the goalkeeper Cambeses.

With his team two goals down, Falcioni’s face reflected much concern. But Although the result should provide confidence, The Millionaire had an inexplicable stay.

And in search of the reaction, the Drill approached the rival goal with a surprising shot by Giménez after a corner that went high, and a play associated between Alemán and Coronel that the latter was unable to capitalize well on. Right away, a bad start from the River Plate bottom left the same German only facing the goalbut the Uruguayan He squandered a very clear chance to discount.

then a center from the right who was looking for Giménez was intercepted by the Paraguayan red and subsequently diverted by Armani; but the VAR determined that the ball had hit the defender’s arm, Tello whistled a penalty and Giménez himself changed it for a goal with great execution.

It was the moment of Banfield, who grew and came to corner the Millionairealthough halftime slowed down the local verve.

The Drill faced the complement to tie or die. But River showed why he leads the contest and after an attack led by De la Cruz and “Nacho” Fernandezfound the owner of the house in a bad situation and allowed the impeccable definition of Beltrán.

Later, the expulsion of Emanuel Insúa for stomping on González Pírez and the amount of the income Venezuelan rondon deflated completely to the whole of the “Emperor” and left River more pointer than ever.

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