Home Sports Professional League: Lanús won and climbed to fourth place for now

Professional League: Lanús won and climbed to fourth place for now

Professional League: Lanús won and climbed to fourth place for now

Lanus defeated 1-0 this Saturday to Hurricane as local, and temporarily climbed to fourth place in the Professional League.

In the continuity of the date 15, Garnet was imposed by Tomás Bemonte’s goal 45 minutes into the match played in the fortress from the south of Buenos Aires.

The team led by Frank Darío Kudelka won the last three games at home and with 25 points he was momentarily in fourth position. Those of Diego Daboveinstead, they sink deeper and deeper with only 16 units they are located 21°.

After breaking a streak of nine rounds without wins last week, Globo suffered its seventh straight defeat as a visitor between the tournament and the Copa Sudamericanaand of the last eleven games they only won one.

Lanús showed why it is the most effective team in the tournament and the second highest scorer with 22, only three less than the leader River.

In a first half even, the garnet he kicked twice at the goal and He managed to go to rest with the advantagewhich ended up being decisive.

The first shot was from Leandro Díaz and it was taken by Luchas Chaves to the corner. The goal came in the last play of the first part when a deflected shot by Juan Cáceres from the right was left to Belmonte, who alone defined the goalkeeper’s left post softly.

about Hurricane in the first part it was in accordance with the general procedure because little reached the local area. With little contribution from Juan Gauto, who played his last game before joining the Argentine U-20 team, and the Uruguayan Matías Cóccaro, Lucas Castro approached with a shot deflected and three minutes then with a headbutt that went over the crossbar.

In the second half, Huracán pushed and forced Lanús to defend near his goal butexcept for a disallowed goal against Joaquín Novillo due to an advanced position, He did not generate danger plays.

On the next date, Lanús will visit Gymnastics in La Platawhile Hurricane will receive Godoy Cruz.

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