Professional League: Lanús defeated Central and is the leader with an ideal score

Lanús made it clear that his start to the tournament is serious. Despite missing a penalty at the end of the first half and ending the game with 10 men due to the expulsion of Cristian Lema, the maroon team consolidated itself as the only leader of the tournament with an ideal score by beating Rosario Central 3-0 in a duel that he opted for the local team for his best game in the second half. Franco Troyansky, Pedro De La Vega and Franco Orozco scored the goals for Frank Kudelka’s team, which has four wins in four appearances.

The first half did not give much to talk about, it was a half with a lot of friction and without risky actions, beyond a header from Troyansky to the post, so both goalkeepers had almost no work. However, when the stage was closing, Juan Cruz Komar innocently pushed Tomás Belmonte in the Rosario area and committed the penalty that could put Lanús ahead. The responsibility was assumed by Troyansky, who took the ball very badly and sent it to the middle of the local stands.

Of course, the center forward from Lanús would have his revenge very quickly, since in the first minutes of the second he received from the right of the big area and took a low shot that slipped past Gaspar Servio’s near post. The goal was a very big impact for Rosario, who saw how the game was going away in five minutes. This time the advantage arose from a mistake by Servio, who went very far to try to clear a frontal ball and left the ball served for De la Vega to score with an empty bow.

At that point, the duel was already resolved, beyond the fact that Central went ahead and looked for the discount. Russo’s team did not have plenty of ideas and lacked the serenity to refine that search, so it was not surprising that Lanús closed the game with another goal. This time De la Vega put on his assistant suit and served Orozco the goal, with a great cross pass to the far post behind the center backs, who were far from being able to neutralize the local youth. Thus the rout was completed, somewhat exaggerated by the development, but fair by the garnet efficiency.

The only bad news for Lanús was the red card at the end of the game for Lema, who will not be able to be in the next match against Racing on Monday, when Kudelka’s team seeks to confirm that this great start is not a passing summer dream .

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