Professional League: Independiente brought a point against Barracas

Independiente equalized 1-1 away this Friday before Central Barracasat the start of the seventh date of the Professional League.

At the minute, Baltasar Barcia opened the account for those of Leandro Stillitanobut immediately Facundo Mater matched it for the local team, which with this result now accumulates 8 points, one more than its illustrious rival.

Under scorching heat, the start of the match had an intense rhythm and a goal cry almost from the locker room. Because when no one expected it, the Uruguayan Cauteruccio lowered it, Barcia appeared as a ghost on the right flank of attack and the auction of the young midfielder he left Desábato without a chance.

with the early, the surprise in the local box was not minor. But Rodolfo De Paoli’s team was not intimidated and sought to break the pressure that the visit exerted on all its lines. after a corner left and a long rebound, the defender Mater, on the run, shook the visiting net and declared the tie that would eventually be final.

Perhaps because of his past in Racing (where he became champion twice in his three cycles at the Avellaneda club, where he began his career), Centurion began to make his opponents nervous with his devilish dribble and it was the unavoidable target of recurring infractions. In this way, Barreto would see the red before half an hour of game.

After a while, Independiente arrived from the left sectorthe goalkeeper Desábato rejected the rushers, the ball fell served to Cauteruccio, who did not dare to hit him as he came and preferred to cede to gimenezbut this he squandered the chance to put his team back on top.

The heat did not slacken and neither did the rhythm of the game. Then it was Giménez who dressed as an assistant after lowering it with his chest to Barcia, but this time the scorer had no aim and sent it very high.

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Even with ten players, Independiente came more clearly. And after half an hour, Cauteruccio anticipated a rival with a header and supplied his compatriot Barcia, who first feinted before the departure of Desábato, but the goalkeeper finally drowned out his cry.

before the breakBarracas had a free kick by Tapia that went into the hands of Rey and in the replica again Giménez missed it, after Alvarez cleared the ball almost over the line to give in involuntary carom in the humanity of his own archer and come out meek next to a stick to the corner kick. The Guapo fans jumped and moved from one side to the other, despite the fact that the 36 degrees in the Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia stadium felt great.

Already in the complement, the local began to assert the player who had moreand from the beginning he warned after a pass between the lines of Colitto that neither Sepúlveda nor the admitted Domínguez knew how to solve.

Then, a point-blank shot from Centurión and another from Domínguez could be controlled by Rey, who stood as a figure of a team that redoubled its efforts to try to play as equals and almost managed to unbalance with a bitten shot from Mulet.

Centurión -who was plugged in- continued to play and had another chance, but his shot went near a post. about the end, Barracas put Red on the ropes, but it was not enough to beat him and it was a tie.

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