Professional League: In a hot duel, Vélez celebrated against San Lorenzo

“Olé, olé olé, Pratto, Pratto”, sang the fans of Vélez in the warm-up of the team when they spotted the prodigious forward. Flags, chants, everything seemed like a party and much more when after a minute and a half of play Lucas Janson entered only by in the middle of the area and defined a play that he had started on the left with his head, pure effectiveness to literally leave the locker room with one to zero in favor.

With that advantage the homeowner tried to monopolize the ball, but he was doing it ever closer to his goalkeeper. Cristian Zapata answered from above in six minutes, at the exit of a corner, but his header went high. After a while the Colombian fell asleep in defense, he lost it on the line against Guidara, but the center of the side was very weak. And the counterattack of what could be 2 to 0 was lethal. Vélez was badly stopped and with a gap on the right that the kid Martegani took advantage of to shoot a poisonous center that Francisco Ortega pushed against his own goal. Surprise draw in Liniers.

Likewise, the classic 4-2-3-1 was not altered, while the interim duo Diego Monarriz and José Di Leo had opted for a 4-4-2, with the same interpreters who last date had surpassed Godoy Cruz and stopped a streak of four falls in a row. Ortigoza, 37, was the captain and the brain of the visiting team. Although he and Gordillo found it difficult to contain Thiago Almada when he got on their backs.

In that area, precisely, Janson, the most decisive of the meeting, leaked. The former Tigre attacker was closing from his point to the middle and defined with a low right, from outside the area, to stamp the 2-1 before half an hour of play.

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Although Velez played like feeling superior, he looked hesitant and weak on defense. So much so that Hoyos had to get a heads up from Uvita Fernández at 36. Before the end of the first half, the one who had to fly was Torrico to get a header from Mancuello, who had also been close to scoring an Olympic goal before.

The complement continued with the same trend. Vélez tried to be neat, although retreating and allowing the overtaking of San Lorenzo. More with self-love and individual thrusts than with play and associations. As the minutes went by, the game got bitten and boiled in a corner in which Flores pushed Guidara and unleashed the brawl. Hoyos and Di Santo were with a clean slap and as many of them as the defender took the warning. Although the criteria for the Fernando Espinoza cards would deserve a separate paragraph.

The process was very even and in the absence of twenty Pellegrino did not hesitate to replace Janson and give way to the freshness of Orellano. With his admission, Almada found a partner and Vélez was once again in danger. At the end, the one who stood out was Lucas Hoyos again, to avoid the draw of the youth Alexis Sabella and unleash the party. Because after seven years, Fortín beat San Lorenzo again and because they did it on their court after a decade. A triumph that also puts him closer to qualifying for the next Copa Libertadores.


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