Professional League: Godoy Cruz darkened the panorama of Independiente

Independent fell 2-1 this Sunday before Godoy Cruz in the Malvinas Argentinas stadium Mendozaby nineteenth date of the Professional League.

Martín Cauteruccio against and Tomás Conechny scored In the first stage for those led by Daniel Oldrá; in the plugin discounted Ayrton Costa for the Red, who it was not enough to improve its opaque performance and it is located penultimate at the tournament.

Tomba was superior in the initial stage and hit from the start 5 minutes in when goalkeeper Rey rebounded from a corner kick, Conechny beat Laso and the ball hit Uruguayan Cauteruccio’s chest, who in defensive position he ended up putting it on his own fence.

Immediately, the 1 of Independiente drowned the second to Abregowhose shot hit the goalkeeper’s face. Ricardo Zielinski’s team could not react.

In that, about half an houra lethal run to the left of allende allowed him to settle in and launch a great left-footed cross that first found the head of the Uruguayan Salomón Rodríguez that found an answer in Rey, but the rebound was also caught by Conechny, who decreed the second both local.

Already in the complement, the visit could discount before quarter of an hour when Luciano Gómez was sent to the attack by the right lane and launched a shipment towards the other sector that Costa, as it came, translated into a goal with a bombshell that surpassed captain Diego Rodríguez.

Despite the boost that Independiente received after the discount, Godoy Cruz continued to appear dangerous and in a better position. In the middle of a thick smoke coming down from the stands, Allende demanded Rey (a former Godoy Cruz).

So the Red lashed out to the right with the admitted Barcia and when Giménez was licking his lips, the “Russian” Rodríguez (a former Independent) he kept the ball and removed the danger. Shortly after, the same Barcia took a shot that went very close to the post.

in the last play of the party, and with all Independent desperate and dedicated to attack, the “Russian” Rodríguez dressed as a hero and managed to prevent the draw after a shot from Kevin López that had deflected off Andrada’s head and was destined for the net.

In the end Godoy Cruz won, and with 29 units For now, he keeps the last ticket to the Copa Sudamericana 2024.

Independent does not find the waylost once again sinks dangerously to the bottom of the table and accumulates 18 points, just one more than the last Arsenal.

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