Professional League: Gareca’s first success in his new cycle in Vélez

Vélez Sarsfield was forceful at the José Amalfitani stadium after beating Central Córdoba 4-0at the closing of the eighth date of the Professional League.

Lucas Pratto opened the account in the first half and, already in the complement, Abiel Osorio, Julián Fernández and the juvenile Gianluca Prestianni rounded off the result in favor of the team led by Ricardo Gareca, what did he get So his first success on his lap to the Liniers club.

the railwayman lost his fourth match in the tournament and looks with concern at his meager average (1,149), just above Platense and Sarmiento (both with 1,114) and Arsenal (1,011).

Vélez Sarsfield always gave a feeling of superiority against a Central Córdoba that exhibited soccer limitationssince players like Lucas Pratto, Walter Bou, Diego Godín, Francisco Ortega and Leonardo Jara found superiority in vital places on the field, both to neutralize and to hurt their rival.

And a clear example of this occurred just after fifteen minutes, when Ortega cut inside, Bou crossed to the left and enabled Pratto entering diagonally to define high and crossedleft-footed, from the edge of the big area.

From there, the premises gained in security and grew in the game from the possession of the ball and the game integrated game of control and deepening.

That allowed in his second performance after the irregular previous match with 1-1 draw against Platense, those of “Tigre” Gareca went to rest halftime between applause of his fans.

Already at the start of the second half, an outstanding performance regarding the first began to be reflected in the network through the other 9 that the Liniers team has, Osorio (of 20 years, 14 less than the “Bear” Pratto).

And from then on everything was to the delight of the Velezano fanfrom the ductility of the Paraguayan José Florentín, the figure of the field, and his side Fernández, who would score the third goal for the home owners with a lucky “carambola”.

Now with the difference Gareca took the opportunity to give space and minutes to some boys from the always prolific quarry from Velezand brought in promising boys such as Prestianni (17 years old), Mateo Seoane (19) and Elías Cabrera (20).

And Prestianni’s goal, the first with Vélez’s shirt, was a true offering to youthful self-confidence and allowed the final 4-0 to be rounded off. This first victory for Gareca in his return to the technical direction of Velez allowed his team to climb to tenth position in the tournament with 12 points.

On the next date, Vélez Sarsfield will have a hard time visit Defense and Justice, while Central Córdoba will play in Santiago del Estero a key game for relegation against Arsenal.

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