Professional League: Estudiantes turned it around and is also an escort

In La Plata, students recovered after being at a disadvantage and thrashed 5-2 this Friday to Central Barracasby date 19 of the Professional League.

Brian Calderara put up to the visit almost from the beginningbut before halftime Pincha turned it around with great goals from Benjamín Rollheiser, Jorge Rodríguez and José Sosa.

Already in the plugin, Luciano Lollo and Guido Carrillo increased the score for Eduardo Domínguez’s team, that thus he reached the line of San Lorenzo and also He was six points behind the leader River Plate.

Facundo Mater narrowed the gap for El Guapo but, despite the tremendous effort, it was not enough.

The start was dizzying and after a fatal error by Godoy, run over boiler took the ball from the defender and he beat Andújar. It was a bucket of cold water for the locals who, however, did not despair.

Shortly afterafter a magnificent habilitation from Sosa, Chilean Rollheiser marked the beginning of the comeback with a conquest to put in a box.

Ten minutes later, “Corcho” Rodríguez bombed from outside the area that became the second of Students.

But before the break El Guapo would receive another slap whenat the exit of a corner, “Prince” Sosa also tried from afartook a shoe and nailed it at an angle. another great goal that in the case of the midfielder He represented the first after his return to Pincha.

Back from the locker roomthe goalkeeper Villar -with a changed hand- muffled another shout at Rollheiser and then Boselli missed it upside down. Barracas did not shrink and looked for the arch in frontbut Andújar was firm.

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then came a corner and Lollo’s header for the fourth local. The party did not give respite and after a free kick from Tapia, a header from Mater managed to close the gap.

But the illusions of Barracas Central collapsed after a new center from Benedetti: then the admitted Carrillo also put his head andin addition, the icing on an extraordinary matchwhich had not been seen for a while.

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