Home Sports Professional League: Defense won in Varela and caught up

Professional League: Defense won in Varela and caught up

Professional League: Defense won in Varela and caught up

Defensa y Justicia beat Newell’s 1-0 with a great goal from a free kick by Kevin Gutiérrezin the first time and He was one unit away from the championship lead. Newell’s reaction took more than a while. And on top of that, it was ineffective in avoiding a defeat for which Defense and Justice did very little.

The first half did not offer too many emotions. Newell’s had the ball, but without disturbing the bottom of the local team. When the movements were conditioned by the intense prevailing heat, at minute 28 an extraordinary free kick that Kevin Gutiérrez executed from outside the area scored the goal that would be final. From that moment, Newell’s deepened his lack of football. Sordo’s runs, with more determination than effectiveness, were the only hope of reaching a tie.

In the middle of a game flat and without lights, Defense, somewhat looser forward, had certain occasions to increase. But it was not possible due to some good saves from Hoyos. First to the shot from medium distance of Fernández. And at the close of the first stage, with a double intervention, Solari and Fernández meters away from him.

A reaction was urgent at Newell’s and Heinze did not take long to move the bank. He sent Ferreira and Recalde to the field for Portillo and Reasco, as well as Mansilla for Velázquez. The revulsive had an effect. Newell’s stepped on the opposite field with greater decision. A few minutes later he put Pablo Pérez in for Mosquera and Newell’s began to hang around the Defense area frequently.

Newell’s lackluster pre-change image has been tweaked. Although not what is necessary to achieve equality. A shot from the admitted Aguirre demanded Unsain. Not much more. Defense after all won it by a free kick.

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