Home Sports Professional League: Defense and Lanús staged a vibrant draw

Professional League: Defense and Lanús staged a vibrant draw

Professional League: Defense and Lanús staged a vibrant draw

Defense and Lanús tied 2-2 this Sunday in Florencio Varela a great game by date 24 of the Professional League.

With this result, the Falcon added 40 units, one less than the set of Frank Kudelka. Both are fighting to play the next Copa Libertadores, although they almost have their ticket to the Copa Sudamericana 2024.

Barely 5 minutes elapsed and Pedro de la Vega opened the scoring for the visit. But then it happened a curious situationthat reminded of Martín Palermo’s penalty in April 1999 in the duel between Boca and Platense.

With a penalty in favor of the premises, Nicolás Fernández was in charge of the execution and the ball went into he middle of bow though immediately the VAR called Darío Herrera to review the shot, since they considered that to “Uvita” the ball had hit him on the left foot after hitting it with the right.

The referee verified that there was a double touch and gave an indirect free kick to Lanúswhich was thus saved from the Defense tie.

In the complement, the Falcon came out with everything to tie it and he had a chance with “Uvita” Fernández, who then bumped Aguilar and earned a yellow card for that excessive action.

It was perhaps a turning point, because after exerting effective pressure and a phenomenal counter-lethal, Orozco could define almost under the arch to thicken the advantage of Garnet in Florencio Varela.

Even with two goals down, Defense was not intimidated and advanced all his lines. With many people in attack, Despite his proven criteria and opening up the game on the sides, he lacked the final stitch. The Paraguayan Bogarín, from a quite favorable position, tested the good reflexes of goalkeeper Morales.

But the local, very focused on getting the desired discount, was unprotected behindsomething that he came to take advantage of very well on the right the “Laucha” Acostawhich in tandem with Sánchez Miño left Díaz facing the third, but the ball was cleared just in time by a local defender.

So, “Uvita” Fernández took out a bomb that gave first on the crossbar and then on the back of goalkeeper Morales to enter the goal.

Defense and Justice went like a whirlwind to tie it and they did it with defender Colombo. the falconafter being two goals down, almost achieved the feat of winning it with the entered Solari if not for the crossbar, but in the Bologna replica saved the potatoes. It was a vibrant 2-2to rent balconies.

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