Professional League: Defense and Justice added three against Gymnastics

Gymnastics La Plata fell 2-0 at home this monday before Defense and Justicein the continuity of the second date of the Professional League.

In the plugin, Santiago Solari and Nicolás Fernández from a penalty scored for the team led by Julio Vaccari, who thus obtained their first victory. Contrary, the La Plata wolf does not rebound and accumulates two consecutive defeats.

In the duel between two teams that had lost in their respective debuts in the tournament, the one who notified first was the local, with Eric Ramírez through a free kick that the visiting goalkeeper managed to deflect, and then with another shot from the same striker that went a little high. Shortly after, Unsaín shined again by covering a point-blank header from Captain Morales after a free kick from the left.

Handcuffed and almost unable to prosper in attack, the Varela Falcon resisted as best it could the attacks of its host. The visitors approached with risk just after half an hour with a defective Chilean from “Uvita” Fernández, stuck by two rival defenders.

Already in the complement, Defense and Justice sought to match the process. and got his prize -perhaps excessive- in two plays in which Morales was involved, first when he was outpaced by the admitted Solarithat marked with suspense before the departure of Durso. And trascarton when the captain from La Plata took Colombo inside the area and “Uvita” Fernández changed a penalty for a goal.

Touched in his self-respect and pushed by the people, Gymnastics sought to discount with more heart than order. DT Sebastián Romero made changes and added more forwards on the field, but his fate already seemed cast.

So things, the large tripera crowd who attended the Forest he saw how his team fell defeated again. In counterpart, the falcon -that he had had a low flight in the first 45 minutes- ended up taking three valuable points from La Plata to Florencio Varela.

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