Professional League: Colón and Belgrano drew goalless in Santa Fe

Columbus and Belgrano de Córdoba could not pass this Monday from a poor goalless draw in Santa Feby date 24 of the Professional League.

After a forgettable first half, without elaborate plays or clear arrivals from either of the two teamsit was Belgrano who had the most ball and controlled his rival in the middle zone of the playing field, but without generating risk on Ignacio Chicco’s goal.

El Sabalero was a little closer in the second partwith arrivals in which the goalkeeper Nahuel Losada saved the zero from his fence on two occasions, and in another it was Erik Meza who wasted a good play by Santiago Pierotti when he raised the ball a lot over the crossbar.

Colón improved with the changes arranged by DT Néstor “Pipo” Gorositoespecially with the entry of Natanael Troncoso and Tomás Galván for Benítez and Arrúa, with weak performances.

Perlaza grew in the creation zone from the good work of Vega in the midfieldand Pierotti always carried danger from his good command of the ball, although little helped by Meza’s climbs and his tendency to make one too many.

On the Belgrano side, Franco Jara’s entry added an attacker to Vegetti’s loneliness on the offensive. In some counterattacks, the Cordoba team reached the goal of the local team, but without generating serious risk.

The point that each one takes can generate calm only in teams that have just lost. the Sabalerothat He has 24 points, he does not leave the pressing zone below from the table, but the pirate with their 35 units are still in the classification zone for the Copa Sudamericana 2024.

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