Professional League: Boca stuck out his chest in Liniers and took a great win against Vélez

Boca carried out a very difficult game in Liniers and took a very important victory to stay close to the leaders. The 2-1 win over Vélez with goals from Luca Langoni and Nicolás Figal was justified by the safety of their central defenders and goalkeeper Sergio Romero and the efficiency he showed every time he attacked thoroughly. This is how he hid the fact that he was left with ten men when the second half was averaging due to the expulsion of Ezequiel Fernández.

The greatest merit that can be found for Boca in his experience at Liniers was the patience to wait for his moments in the game. Because at the start it was Vélez who set the conditions, with the dynamics of his midfielders and Ortega’s rises up the left wing. But Ibarra’s team did not despair, they endured the bad moment and with the passing of the minutes the development evened out.

That was when he exhibited the other great merit of the night: forcefulness. It is that Merentiel took advantage of a lack of intelligence between Ortega and Godín and assisted Langoni perfectly, who defined a cross to make it 1-0. The goal was a shock for Vélez, who had made the expense and suddenly found himself at a disadvantage against an opponent who was becoming more and more confident.

When it seemed that Boca had everything quite under control, beyond defending close to Romero, a fateful minute by Ezequiel Fernández put him on the ropes. First, the midfielder touched a center with his hand that did not seem to be risky and Janson did not forgive with the penalty that meant the tie. And then he left an iron on Castro that earned him a straight red.

However, at the worst moment, Boca once again showed his two virtues, patience and efficiency. First he withstood Vélez’s attacks and controlled him despite the man less. And then, when he had his chance at a corner, he didn’t miss it and took a win that was as important as it was difficult.

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