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Professional League: Boca receives Colón in La Bombonera

Boca will seek this Sunday to maintain the good streak and continue climbing positions, when it receives the current champion Colón for the thirteenth date of the Professional League. The match will begin at 8:15 p.m., in La Bombonera, with refereeing by Nicolás Lamolina and televising by TNT Sports. Sebastián Battaglia’s team is ninth, with 18 points, while those led by Eduardo Domínguez occupy the seventh position with 19 points.

Boca managed to get around a new instance of the Argentine Cup this week, after leaving the Patronato de Paraná on the road, and for that reason the DT will make some changes to receive Colón. In that sense, the one who will not be there will be the Colombian Jorman Campuzano, since he has four yellows and they want to preserve him for the game with River.

But undoubtedly one of the presences that is expected in the starting eleven is that of Colombian Edwin Cardona, who could be from the start with the injury of Juan Ramírez. Up front Norberto Briasco will share attack with Nicolás Orsini or with the youthful Luis Vázquez.

Columbus wants to break the hex

The current Argentine soccer champion wants to leave behind the losing streak of 13 games without being able to beat Boca, and although it will be complicated by the fact of being a visitor, he does not lose hope of making it happen.

El Sabalero has just defeated Central Córdoba by 1 to 0 and has not lost for three dates, which allows him to arrive with high morale, although with a couple of doubts in the initial formation.

What the DT has not yet resolved is whether Federico Lértora or Gonzalo Piovi will be in the midfield, since the former felt some discomfort, and if Facundo Farías will be accompanied by Alexis Castro or Cristian Ferreira in the attack.

Mourning of needy

San Lorenzo, with all its problems on its shoulders and in a sea of ​​doubts, will seek to achieve a smile when it receives Defense and Justice from 3:45 p.m. at Pedro Bidegain, for the thirteenth date of the Professional League (arbitration by Fernando Espinoza, TNT Sports ).

The Cyclone must straighten the course since it achieved only one victory in the last nine games played and only adds 13 points, which have it in nineteenth position. In turn, Florencio Varela’s Falcon also comes with needs, since he tied the last four games he played and only scored one goal, but at least he is better located than his rival, since he has 15 points and is twelfth.

For this match, the Uruguayan Paolo Montero, who seems to have little room for error, will not be able to count on Ezequiel Cerutti, who was torn apart and will be out for three weeks. Nor with the suspended Yeison Gordillo, so the almost certain replacements will be Alexis Sabella and Siro Rosané, respectively.

In front, Sebastián Beccacece’s team must adjust their aim in the absence of a goal, despite having experienced strikers in this field such as Walter Bou or Lucas Barrios.

Although he would make some changes, Beccacece has not yet confirmed the team that will face this duel against Barça, but the idea is to maintain the base of the tie against Banfield (0-0) the previous date.

Red wants to keep on

For its part, from 6:00 p.m. (arbitration by Darío Herrera and television by Fox Sports Premium), Independiente, propped up in the fight for the first places and with his head also on the classification for the Copa Libertadores 2022, will receive in the Libertadores de America to Godoy Cruz, who arrives encouraged after eliminating Racing in the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup.

Godoy Cruz, with the technical direction of Diego Flores, who was part of Marcelo Bielsa’s coaching staff at Leeds United, achieved two goals against Gimnasia and Aldosivi and drew against Sarmiento in the League and also achieved qualification in the Argentine Cup against Racing in definition with shots from the penalty spot after equalizing 3-3. In the history, Godoy Cruz dominates Independiente after 19 games with seven wins against five losses and seven draws.

Union seeks to change course

The day will be opened by Unión de Santa Fe, which due to poor results dispensed with coach Juan Manuel Azconzabal and is looking for his replacement, when he received the Patronato de Paraná, which has just been eliminated by Boca in the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup. The match will take place at the Stadium on April 15, from 1:30 p.m., with Andrés Merlos as referee and televised by Fox Sports.


MOUTH: Rossi; Advíncula, Izquierdoz, Rojo, Fabra; González, Almendra or Molinas or Pavón; Cardona; Briasco and Orsini or Vázquez. DT: Sebastian Battaglia.

COLON: Burián; Mura, Goltz, Bianchi, Delgado, Meza, Bernardi, Lértora or Piovi, Aliendo, Castro or Ferreira, Farías. DT: Eduardo Domínguez.

Stadium: Boca Juniors. Referee: Nicolás Lamolina. Hour: 20.15. TV: TNT Sports.

INDEPENDENT: Bland; Bustos, Barreto, Insaurralde, Ortega; Blanco, Romero, So Señora, B. Martínez; Romero, Velazco. DT: Julio César Falcioni.

GODOY CRUZ: Espínola; E. López, Ferrari, L. González, Escobar; Burgoa, Lomónaco, Bullaude, Pereira, Laws; Badaloni. DT: Diego Flores.

Stadium: Independent. Referee: Darío Herrera. Hour: 18:00. TV: Fox Sports Premium.

SAN LORENZO: Torrico; Peruzzi, Donatti, Python; Herrera, Ortigoza, Rosané, Fernández Mercau; Sabella, Fernández, Di Santo. DT: Paolo Montero.

DEFENSE AND JUSTICE: Unsain; Frías, Colombo, Soto, Silva: Hachen, Gutiérrez, Rotondi, Pizzini; Contreras, Bou. DT: Sebastian Beccacece.

Stadium: San Lorenzo. Referee: Fernando Espinoza. Hour: 15.45. TV: TNT Sports.

UNION: Moyano; Vera, Calderón, Britez, Corvalán; Zenón, Nardoni, Pittón, G. González or Esquivel; Luna Diale, F. Márquez. DT: Marcelo Mosset.

PATRONAGE: Ibáñez; Geminiani, García Guerreño, Benítez, Kruspzky; Gudiño, Leys, Vázquez, Delgadillo; Arias, Sosa Sánchez. DT: Ivan Delfino.

Stadium: Union of Santa Fe. Referee: Andrés Merlos. Hour: 13:30. TV: Fox Sports Premium.


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