Professional League: Boca fought Lanús and saved a point

Boca Juniors, with a squad with many casualties due to injuries, drew 1-1 against Lanús in La Bombonera for the date 20 of the Professional League.

On the last play before halftime, Leandro Díaz opened the account for the visit. about the end, Darío Benedetto tied it with a goal conceded through VAR.

the start was interesting between two teams of similar approaches. Medina -who completed his first 100 games in Boca- He gave a bad pass behind that Esquivel almost usufructs from outside the area.

In the replica, the “Colorado” Barco enabled Benedetto, who faced the entire last line of maroon to pure gambeta and when he decided to finish off, Sánchez Miño (just an ex Boca) he took it out with his chest close to the line.

The game showed some inattention on both sides that no one could capitalize on. In that Medina feinted in a great way on the edge of the area, although he defined very high. Lanús responded with an arrival from De la Vega -annulled for offside-, which García nevertheless resolved very well. And immediately, the Paraguayan Romero had it upside down after a great center from the right of “Pol” Fernández.

The Garnet could not take advantage of the local errors from the middle to the back. That Mouth I was very sorry. AND He ended up paying dearly before the breaksince Medina lost between three, Sánchez Miño fired a cross and Díaz, anticipating Valentini, headed in on goal.

Already in the plugin, Romero tried twice the good reflexes of goalkeeper Acosta. The local searched with the desire of the kids from their inferiors (Anselmino and Cortés debuted). Lanús closed well and almost sentenced the lawsuit with a header from Lema that García took to the corner.

However, Boca did not give up. First it seemed that there was a grab in the area of ​​the admitted “Laucha” to Benedetto. But the VAR in the end ended up benefiting “Pipa”, who scored the tie after a pass from “Pol” Fernández enabled just by millimeters and he almost took the victory in the last play with a header from Vázquez that would have unleashed the apotheosis in La Bombonera.

Definitely, Boca saved a valuable point at home and Lanús lost two, which now places him eight points behind the leader River.

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