Professional League: Boca disappointed again and lost to Estudiantes

Estudiantes de La Plata obediently follows the line of their coach, the Russian Zielinski. Players know that they should not be given away; that they should push up when circumstances permit; that you have to come out very fast in counterattack when you steal the ball in the middle; that you invariably have to stand behind the line of the ball when the opponents catch it; and that you have to be very precise to capitalize on set pieces. The team has a good goalkeeper, a solid baseline and some good play when the ball goes through the shuttlecocks, especially for Sánchez Miño. Nothing from the other world, he has nothing to spare, but with what he has he was able to win a deserved victory against Boca and climb the table until he was only two points behind the leader, Independiente.

Boca is so lost that the fog that covered the field at 1 and 57 in the second half could well be taken as a symbol of the moment that Miguel Angel Russo and his team are going through. So far this tournament, Boca lost with Sasn Lorenzo and Estudiantes and tied with Unión, Banfield, Talleres and Argentinos. He is 10 points behind the leader and only 1 behind the bottoms Central and Vélez. He scored two goals in six games, that is, one every three hours of play. If we add the goalless draws against River and Atlético Mineiro, the data on that scoring drought will be even bigger. The numbers reaffirm what is obvious: Boca plays badly, without ideas, without offensive weight, and gives the feeling that he has no idea of ​​how to curb the pessimism that he generates among his fans.

In the first 15 or 20 minutes of his game with Estudiantes it seemed that Boca could raise the level of his last games by a few centimeters because the local was too passive, Ramírez put a bit of clarity in the middle and there was even a wall between Briasco and Pavón, who could have ended in a goal in one of the few deep finishes. But it was nothing more than a mirage because Ramírez was left alone, the ball began to be distributed more and Andújar stopped worrying. The idea that the line of three facilitated the ascents of Advíncula and Fabra did not prosper a little because the two made bad decisions and another little because of the general bad that afflicts the team from the middle upwards: their players maintain “social distance”, they play very far from each other, they do not form small societies, they do not get together and end up giving the ball away. Pavón must have his head elsewhere, Briasco does not contribute much in the middle and neither when he searches the sides, which is his natural habitat. The bewilderment of those above was transferred in the second half to those below, who made some childish mistakes in the infuriating circuit of passes between those in the background looking for a connection with those in the middle that is not followed.

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Already before Estudiantes achieved his goal (corner by Zuqui, header by Noguera), it was clear that Boca needed some variations to modify the panorama, but Russo took too long to get him to Molinas and, when he put Vázquez and Obando, there was no longer any time for nothing: Students ran the game and did what was necessary to justify their victory.

Boca is hurt by the defeat, the table and the drought, but what hurts the most is that he does not play anything.


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