Professional League: Boca did not forgive Huracán, who is still sunk

With a goal from the youthful Luis Vázquez, Boca overcame 1-0 this Monday to the very Committed Hurricane in La Bomboneraby date 24 of the Professional League.

This irregular Boca in permanent reconstruction to which Jorge Almirón took the reins -undermined by the number of injured players and to which many demand the arrival of reinforcements to face the next instance of the Copa Libertadores, the dream so elusive for a decade and a half- He has a very different performance when he plays at home than when he plays as a visitor.

Under the permanent and moving breath of its fansthe first time could be summarized in this way: did all the expense to get ahead, but as Hurricane was waiting for him and came out quickly againstBoca exposed himself to a possible catastrophe because, in his eagerness to go on the attack, he was left behind too badly and ended up lighting candles for “Chiquito” Romero.

Were at least three lethal counterattacks available to Diego Martínez’s team, all poorly finished and wasted.

on your side, Boca came -and a lot- from the Barco-Fabra societywhich opened a real furrow on their flank and wreaked havoc on the visiting last line. But Merentiel did not “feel” the winger position and Vázquez did not get the clean ball.

So everything was circumscribed to the push of Weigandt, to the devilish dribbling of “Colo” Barco (to which they made a clear penalty that neither the referee Ramírez nor the VAR even considered), but mainly at the discretion of the new xeneize brain: Cristian Medina.

If Boca went to rest without having shouted a goal, it was because providence helped -at least in the first 45 minutes- to this battered hurricane that is sinking no more. For instance, before halftime, in the same play, Fabra smashed a post and on the rebound Barco made the crossbar tremble when Vázquez licked his lips.

The deserved advantage came just in the plugin, when Medina started an exquisite play that culminated with a pass between lines for Vázquez to subdue Chaves.

Huracán tried a kind of reaction that it looked more like a grimace and could never crystallize, much less when he was left with ten because Fernando Godoy was very strong down to Medinawho immediately as a precaution was replaced and cheered, just like Barco. Thus, the income of Benedetto and Briasco, already recovered from their injuries, was almost testimonial.

Boca won just enough, but well and added 35 units. In counterpart, Huracán took a new false step, was planted with 19 points (to one of bottom club Arsenal) and, if it does not improve, it will be doomed to relegation.

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