Professional League: Boca beat Central in Rosario after 15 years

In the fourth presentation of Sebastián Battaglia leading the team, Boca Juniors turned the process around and beat Rosario Central 2-1 in Arroyito, something that had not happened since 2006 when Alfio Basile was driving the Xeneize.

In the first stage, Gastón Avila opened the account for the local, matched Luis Vázquez and, in agony of the party, the admitted Fernando Torrent, against his fence, gave the victory to the Ribera club, which thus reached 14 units.

The game started with intensity. With that panorama, the opening of the marker it did not take long to arrive and It was for the local, after a corner from the right than Avila, beating the defenders xeneizes, He headed the goal.

Boca came out to tie it and Weigandt had it, whose header hit the post. ANDBattaglia’s team preferred to attack from the left, and from that flank Sández launched a center that Vázquez connected with his head over the crossbar, a kind of warning of what would come next, because the same youth full-back sent a new shipment and this time Vázquez beat Avila in the jump to score the tie.

Since then, Boca gained confidence and had other chances after a half-turn from Ramírez that Briasco could not pinch, and a powerful shot from Almendra from outside the area that Fatura Broun managed to clear to the corner. The Kily González team had only raised danger after a shot from Vecchio to the left stick, slightly deflected.

Back from the locker roomMedina almost invoiced the second xeneize after a center from Ramírez’s right. The process was still intense, although Central’s attempts died at the door of the visiting area. Boca had a header from Izquierdoz after a corner and a shot from the boy Molinas barely high. In the reply, Vecchio squandered a possibility for Rosario.

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But the Xeneize did not give up in his attempt to unbalance and in a minute he had chances from Vázquez and Pavón, both conjured by Broun; right away, the tireless Weigandt had another chance after a Sández cross.

He looked for it so much the visitor that in the end it was given in the most unexpected way, with the goal against the entered Torrent after a sharp center of the admitted Pavón.

Boca won well, played well and seems to set the course erratic with which the season began.


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