Home Sports Professional League: Belgrano sustained the victory with one less

Professional League: Belgrano sustained the victory with one less

Professional League: Belgrano sustained the victory with one less

Belgrano de Córdoba prevailed 1-0 this Saturday over Atlético Tucumán in the giant of Alberdi neighborhoodin a match for the date 15 of the Professional League that he faced with one less player.

the attacker Pablo Vegetti -one of the tournament’s top scorers with 9 goals along with Mateo Reteguistriker of Tigre- scored the goal at 33 minutes, shortly before the expulsion of Alejandro Rébola.

The Pirate adds 27 points with 8 wins, four losses and three draws, which places it in fourth place with the same units as Defense and Justice. ANDl Dean adds just 14 units.

Both teams put up an interesting matchLooking for the rival goal, with a good game. belgrano He tried to surround the people of Tucuman with the management of Bruno Zapelli and the criteria of Ariel Rojas, and worried the defenders of Lucas Pusineri with Vegetti and Franco Jara.

The visit sought to win the medium and from there to project their flyersbut the Tucuman game is based on possession of the ball, and he couldn’t get it.

Rojas executed a corner kick remarkably that opened up to Tomás Marchiori, who had the bad luck that Vegetti will arrive alone and I will shoot him in the head to mark the opening of the premises.

Immediately after the goalCordovan optimism fell sharply when the referee Andrés Merlos expelled Rébola by the law of last resort.

In the second half, Pusineri moved the bench to look for the tie and put local goalkeeper Hernán Losada in trouble.

Belgrano stepped back a few meters and DT Farré appealed for fresh air to replace his soldiers, who were no longer giving more for running outnumbered.

there appeared the archer Losada to contain the actions of risk generated by Atlético Tucumán, who cornered their host, but the defenders cleared all the balls and the three points finally remained in Córdoba.

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