Professional League: Barracas became strong and gave River a historic blow

Barracas indulged in history. With a lot of self-respect, order and great collective work, Sergio Rondina’s team beat an alternative River that never felt comfortable in the game and paid for it with an unexpected defeat. The name and scheme changes proposed by coach Martín Demichelis did not give the expected results, with a performance below what he had been showing.

Carlos Arce, with a downward header, opened the scoring when Barracas was already dominating the actions and pushing the visitors against his area. The scheme with a line of three and two starting sides did not give River control in the middle of the field, which paid for it by having to run from behind to the rival midfielders. For this reason, with Iván Tapia’s punch and Brian Calderara’s runs, Barracas justified the victory in the first half.

Disappointed with his team’s performance, Demichelis shelved the initial draft and brought on Solari, looking for more depth. And that was when Barracas hit unexpectedly. From a cross into their own area, Rondina’s team came out very quickly and ended up defining through Mauro Peinipil, after an assist from Iván Tapia, to beat Armani again.

River continued with the changes, heavy names such as Nacho Fernández, De la Cruz or Beltrán appeared on the field, but the development did not go awry. Borja’s discount, after a shot from Palavecino that goalkeeper Desábato deflected, seemed like it could be the final push for the comeback. However, the procedure was maintained in the same terms, since Barracas was more dangerous with each counterattack and River had no spark or ingenuity to reach the tie. “We reached the limit physically and mentally,” Demichelis justified to explain a formation that did not measure up and that left three points on the way “We do not underestimate anyone, do not be confused,” remarked the DT, who knows that the The loss is an alarm signal, but they still have a lot of room to remain comfortable at the top of the tournament, waiting for the duel against San Lorenzo next week.

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