Production of iPhone 13 will be reduced by 10 million units

Apparently, Apple will reduce the production of the iPhone 13 by up to 10 million units.

According to sources close to the company, the global chip shortage crisis is also affecting the Cupertino company.

Texas Instruments and Broadcast Struggle to Deliver Components to Apple

Apple will reduce production of the new iPhone 13 by up to 10 million units. The company was expected to produce 90 million units of the new model by the end of 2021, but this number will decline significantly. The information is being advanced by the Reuters and Blommberg news agencies, citing sources close to the company.

The same sources clarify that the origin of this significant reduction in production is the global crisis of chips. Apparently, both Broadcom and Texas Instruments are facing serious difficulties in delivering the necessary components.

None of the companies involved wanted to comment on the situation. The fallout has already been felt, however: Apple shares were down 1.2 percent and Texas Instruments and Broadcom were down 1 percent.

MacBooks and iPads sales suffer from a global chip crisis

In public statements in July this year, Apple had already admitted that it predicted a slowdown in its revenue growth due to a global shortage of chips. At the time, Tim Cook even said that this could affect the sale of MacBook laptops and iPad tablets.

However, international analysts hoped that Apple would not be as affected by this crisis and that the production of the iPhone 13 would live up to expectations. All because the Cupertino company has high purchasing power and long-term component supply contracts.

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In fact, even after the announcement of this reduction in the production of the new iPhone, some international analysts remain convinced that the iPhone will register between 85 and 90 million sales in the fourth quarter of this year. They claim that this reduction may be related to the strategy of a company that, through equipment sales trends, adjusts the rate of production.

Meanwhile, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is already experiencing a significant stock-out or delay in delivery at many Apple stores, both physical and online. Apple has not yet commented on the situation, so the question remains: is it due to a shortage of chips or is it that at the October 18 event we will meet the long-awaited MacBook Pro M1X?

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