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Producer Wise The Gold Pen brings to the DR a musical fusion project “En Peligro de Extinción”

Producer Wise The Gold Pen brings to the DR a musical fusion project “En Peligro de Extinción”

Music producer Gabriel Antonio Cruz Padilla, better known as Wise The Gold Pen, brings to the Dominican Republic a project called “In Danger of Extinction” with which it will seek to merge urban music with genres such as bachata, merengue, among others, after its great success in Venezuela where it began to bear fruit with this new release.

The Puerto Rican composer and singer also seeks with this initiative to be able to contribute to the nascent music movement in the DR, giving the exponents a space so that they can continue to show their talent and how they can play with different musical colors.

“I am in Venezuela starting the most historic and significant musical and entertainment experiment for the country’s industry, but I have one foot here and the other in the Dominican Republic, so be careful that ‘Endangered’ music is coming with the force of a movement,” he said.

Likewise, he highlighted the power that Dominican music has had internationally, becoming a benchmark for important artists to experience how Manuel Turizo, Chayanne, among others who have used native rhythms and have had resounding success.

“Bachata, merengue, mambo, Dominican dembow and rap are a large percentage of the essence of what we are today as a universal musical genre. How much do we owe the Dominican Republic?” Wise asserted.

He pointed out the gratitude and loyalty that he has in the promoters and influencers of Dominican music today, making it clear that between Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and the DR there is a unique and irrefutable bond of brotherhood.

“Musically we are family and as such if one shines, they all shine. No one can tell me that Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Colombia have nothing in common when the musical culture of these sister countries has been embraced since its birth,” said the music producer.

Wise is setting up the facilities of Fire Music RD with the collaboration of Octtopus, a company created to unify international broadcasting and entertainment powers worldwide.

The successful composer, creator of “El Doctorado”, among more than a thousand songs that are part of his powerful catalog, strategically presents the record label and its president Chris Angueira as a sample of the perfect moment to open space for new faces in the recording world.

On the other hand, the song “Loca Te Pones” performed by El Potro Alvarez and Omega El Fuerte begins to outline results in the country as it shows a strategic movement by Wise to change the way in which the world has musically looked at a Venezuela in danger of musical extinction.

“I need them to look towards Venezuela and I will make it possible. The streets, the neighborhoods and the new talents are ready, they were just waiting for the moment and I bring them their great moment with great faith, ”she stressed.

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