A survey of the Dominican Price Information System (SIDIP), carried out on 45 products of the basic family basket in urban and rural areas, shows an expense of RD$6,197.6, equivalent to US$108.33 in the first and RD$3,064.38 in the second. , equivalent in dollars to US$55.14.

The products verified in supermarkets, grocery stores, supply stores and markets, both in urban and rural areas, include oils, rice, eggs, meat, pasta, chicken, sausages, seafood and fish, cereals and derivatives and canned goods. In addition, powdered and liquid milk, dairy products, vegetables, roots and tubers, and fruits.

The survey, carried out in the week of the 13th to the 19th of this month, reflects the behavior of prices in the indicated commercial establishments, in which there are upward and downward fluctuations.

In the supermarkets, 110 items were analyzed, of which 31% registered reduced prices, 13% maintained their value and 60% increased.

In the markets, 80 products were analyzed, of which 41.25% registered reductions, 5% maintained their price and 53% increases.

Among the products with the highest price increases in the markets, Valencia oranges, avocados, green pigeon peas in grain, American yams, large papaya (Red Lady), large cantaloupe melon and tomato for salad stand out.

While the products that presented a drop in their prices, the Creole lemon, Persian lemon, large fonda watermelon, passion fruit, small fonda watermelon, tasty green pepper, white cabbage, radish, medium cantaloupe melon and medium fonda watermelon stand out.

The products that did not present variation in their prices, were four for 5% and these are dry coconut $54.17, Creole pumpkin $31.67, carrot $27.78 and green banana 5.67.

The executive director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (ProConsumidor), Dr. Eddy Alcántara, specified that it is not true that 60% of the products in the basic basket have increased in price in the last week, as some have published. media.

Alcántara indicated that in the information published in these digital newspapers, it can be seen that the same product, such as oil, which is packaged in different volumes or quantities, is presented as if it were different articles, when in fact it is the same product, according to a press release.

He pointed out that the report that is presented on the ProConsumidor platform, collects products that could have been affected by some inflation from March 2021 to date, “and collects the impression of those products that could experience an increase or decrease in the indicated time” .

“This is the report for 13 months in which you can check the products that could have been touched in all that time by the inflationary phenomenon produced by the coronavirus pandemic and others by the effects generated by the war between Russia and Ukraine” , said. He assured that in the Dominican Republic the basic basket products are cheaper than in Central America and the Caribbean

Alcántara affirmed that most of the products of the basic basket are at more affordable and cheaper prices than in the other countries of Central America and the Caribbean.

REGION Cheaper
The products of the basic basket are found at more affordable and cheaper prices in the DR than in the other countries of Central America and the Caribbean, according to the Price Comparison Observatory of International Markets created in his management at the head of Pro Consumidor, with the purpose of monitoring food prices in the region, regarding the situation created by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and more recently by the war between Russia and Ukraine, said Eddy Alcántara.


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