Procedure or debacle

If a student does not want to be punishedthe best is that make their homework and not get to class without them hoping the teacher won’t catch him. The duties of the Under-17 go through score in view of Serbian in the last match of the group stage. If the boys of Julen Guerrero win either tiewill be classified to rooms as leaders of the B Group. Homework done. And with note. A defeat for the minimum too will give the pass to La Rojitabut how second classified behind the Balkans or even Slovenia, in the event of a three-way tie. Fall by two goals or more is gamble to the teacher catching Spain with the exercises not done: if Slovenia beat Italy, the U-17 would be eliminated, but if the azzurra scores, he would get away despite defeat.

After see Spain in their first two games, No there are reasons to think of a debacle. Quite the opposite. Julen’s boys have proven what do they know reply before the adversitieslike when they had to come back to Italy in the first game (1-2), and above all, that they are able to practice a shiny footballfull of variants, and with a squad that is the envy of Europe. In only two meetings, Julen has already given minutes to 19 of the 20 footballers summoned except for Fran Árbol, substitute goalkeeper. and players like Lamine, Mesa, Guiu, Cubarsí either izan merino they are already one of the most featured of the tournament.

Danger with the warned

The good level that the majority of Spanish footballers have shown in the two previous matches and the minimal possibility of being eliminated, suggests that Julen will rotatebut No in excess. tree could give rest to Jimenez in the goal and Fort return to the eleven, either as a winger instead of Arza or as a central defender to replace Cubarsí, who is ready, like Prim and Merino, who could also rest.

possible elevens

Spain: Tree; Fort, Merino, Jon Martin; Arza, Javichu, Javi Fernández, Dani Muñoz; Lamine, Cap; and Guiu.

Serbian:Dzodic; Milosavljevic, Simic. Djuric; Cuc, Mitrovic, Petrovic, Vukojevic; Popovic, Maksimovic and Cvetkovic.

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