Problems for Hamilton: "I ran out of power"

Hamilton left the circuit with only three laps in the second training session: one Mercedes engine failure he forced him out of the car shortly after starting and could no longer return. Nor was the morning very profitable when Vettel’s troubles kept the red flag up for 40 minutes of the available time. So the champion reaches the decisive day, the classification, with hardly any kilometers in Zandvoort.

“I ran out of power And they told me to stop It’s not the end of the world, It’s a fantastic day and it’s amazing to see so many people. There are so many people here and you can see them hooked. We will see it full over the weekend and I love the energy that the Dutch fans give us. We started on the wrong foot but I hope we can make up for lost time, “said the Mercedes driver.

“The circuit is epic, fantastic. The speed at which we enter turn seven is insane, it is a circuit for real drivers. High downforce, super fast corners … “. He is optimistic:” You have to progress, but we are not far from the ‘set-up’ we are looking for. “As for the pressure from local fans, who applauded his technical misfortunes:” They send me messages, I am grateful for my fans and for everyone. They having fun, I race against their pilot so I don’t take anything too seriously. We are experiencing a fantastic grand prize. “

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