Probability of sanction for the plate player who crossed paths with Insúa in San Lorenzo

While Rafa Pérez celebrated the agonizing goal of San Lorenzo’s victory this Sunday against Platense, the cameras went with DT Rubén Darío Insúa, who took advantage of the relief to verbally cross with a plateista who had been attending him hard and even during the match that ended 1-0.

El Gallego patiently approached the bench, looked up and snapped at the fan: “Now yes?”, Accompanied by an ironic thumbs up and, when turning around, a large insult.

Question that the plate player would already have a history of crosses with the coach of the Professional League escort and the club leadership evaluates sanctions against it. The plate player was the same one who rebuked Insúa the previous tournament, which led to a media crossover between the coach and former president Marcelo Tinelli.

That time, tired of the criticism received for the team’s performance, the DT replied to the North Plateau with an accusation against the former president of the Cyclone (“everything was stolen”), which caused a great controversy.

As if seasoning were missing from the episode, the partner integrates the list of the opposition candidate Marcelo Moretti, at least for the elections that were suspended last December and still do not have a date despite the demands of the fans.

Anyway, after the game with Platense, Insúa downplayed the incident and stressed that “98% of the fans are happy” with the football present of San Lorenzowhich remains six points behind River in the League and is in the race in both the Sudamericana and the Copa Argentina.

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