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“Priyatma” earned $84,000 in the first week in the US-Canada

After the first week of release in the North American market on July 7, the highly talked about Eid movie ‘Priyatma’ has taken the seat after ‘Hawa’ among Bangladeshi movies in terms of income. This position was fourth in three-day earnings. This information was disclosed by Mohammad Aliullah Sajib, president of Swapna Scarecrow, distributor of Canada and America.

He said, “Priyatma’s first week’s report was really surprised! I was very surprised when ‘Priyatma’ grossed $44,000 in the first 3 days despite being released without so many prime locations.

But what happened in the next 4 days is unbelievable. Just unbelievable would be wrong, very unbelievable. Because of the weekend, the business of a movie in America and Canada is basically Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. So by looking at the revenue of these 3 days, the cinema chains decide every Monday whether the movie qualifies to go next week! As the rest of the week is a weekday, it is assumed that not so many people will go to the cinema during this time.
So if you make a decision based on the income of this period, it is more likely that it will not be correct. Rather, there’s a special program running every Tuesday to boost Wicked’s sales. On that day all movie ticket prices are almost half (60%) in all theaters.

Naturally, many people flock to theaters to watch Bangladeshi movies on Tuesdays.

This has been seen in all our movies released so far. It was bound to happen with ‘Priyatma’ too. But how much it will be could not be predicted. Here’s one thing, since the ticket price is almost half on Tuesday, almost twice the attendance of the normal time is needed to sell like normal time on that day. But under the pressure of Wicked, this is not always practical.

Some such impractical things happened in the case of ‘Priyatma’. Wicked getting almost same sales in 4 days as the first 3 days of the weekend is really surprising and also very important for our movie. It is impossible to achieve this with only Tuesday effect. And, it didn’t happen. A lot of people watched the movie on Tuesday, but the viewership on the other 3 days was promising as a weekday.

At the end of the first week, ‘Priyatma’ earned $84,000. It is now the 2nd highest grossing film in the history of Bangladesh cinema considering its first week earnings in North America.
The biggest contributor to this income is –
1. Jamaica Multiplex, New York – $35,514 (top grosser ‘Hawa’ grossed $37,000 in first week at theaters)
2. Cineplex Eglinton, Toronto – $11,423
Now it looks like the movie could very well cross the $100,000+ milestone. Only one regret, the movie could not release in all the KEY locations in the first week, in the 2nd week it is running only in the outstanding performing locations (5). But July 28 is a relatively easy day in this month. Let’s see if ‘Priyatma’ can be released in some new theaters on that day!”

According to ComScore and the world-famous chain sources, ‘Hawa’ earned two hundred and seventy-one thousand dollars in the first week after its release in a total of eighty-six theaters more than double. The movie is also running in theaters for five weeks. ‘Paran’ earned eighty thousand dollars in the first week after its release in Sattar Plus theatres. Meanwhile, in the busy season of Hollywood movies on July 7, ‘Priyatma’ grossed eighty-four thousand dollars in the first week after being released in forty-two theaters in America’s AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Showcase and Canada’s Cineplex entertainment chain. Currently, ‘Priyatma’ is running in its second week in five important theaters in America and Canada.

Himel Ashraf’s movie ‘Priyatma’, produced by Versatile Media and presented by Canadian and American distributor ‘Dream Scarecrow’, stars Bangladesh’s top actor Shakib Khan and India’s Idhika Pal. The title song, Ishwar, Ghidbe-song got three hits. The most talked about Eid movie is playing in ninety-nine theaters worldwide this week, including Bangladesh, Canada and America.

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