Priyanka Chopra’s foreign husband has become Desi by heart and loves to eat this famous Indian dish

America’s popular singer Nick Jonas married Bollywood desi girl Priyanka Chopra in 2018. Even after five years of marriage, there is still a great love between the two. In addition, Nick has become a Desi in Priyanka’s love from the bottom of his heart. One of his videos is currently going viral on social media. In it he revealed his favorite Indian food.

In fact, I recently had a special conversation with Nick Jonas content creator Rebecca Tandon. In it he revealed many secrets of his personal life. When asked what his favorite Indian food was, Nick said, “I love to eat paneer, biryani and dosa in Indian cuisine, dosa is my favorite.” This video was shared on his Instagram. Sharing though, Rebecca wrote: “As an Indian and a fan of @nickjonas I had to ask an important question…”

Now this video of Nick is going viral on social media. Internet users react differently to this. Commenting on this, one user wrote: “If Butter Chicken isn’t included, then I’m not happy with the answer. But is man ne dosa kaha toh me aur impress ho hoon,” wrote another, “You know dosa. As a South Indian, I’m very happy about that.

While Priyanka Chopra answered some questions from her fans while speaking to IMDb in early 2021. There he also revealed his favorite Indian dish and how he missed it after moving to Los Angeles. He said: “My favorite Indian food is home-cooked food. I only like roti, dal, which I really like there.”

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