Privacy Sandbox in the foreground before a new antitrust complaint

There are more and more antitrust complaints applied by the European Union to market giants. The abuse of power and the violation of fair and equitable conditions are elements that are increasing and that are being seen more and more in the world of work.

Google, an American search engine, wins the award for the company that has received the most complaints from the European Union. This time, he has been provoked by Privacy Sandbox, a new Google initiative whose main objective is to improve security and privacy on the web, as its name suggests. Google already mentioned it on its official Twitter account stating the following: “People and regulators want a more private and secure web. Everyone has to adapt to it. We’ve come up with ideas to help build it while supporting a thriving ad-supported open web.”

There are many who have filed complaints with the company with the intention to remove support for tracking in Chrome from the platformand, also for replace tracking infrastructure with more privacy-friendly alternatives for ad targeting than violate European Union competition law.

These complaints by publishers, advertisers, industry groups, media outlets, and others have been promulgated long ago. Furthermore, the UK competition watchdog, The CMA has been investigating the situation for two years. However, no decision has been made due to a series of operational and behavioral commitments offered by Google.

Google stated that the modifications of the Privacy Sandbox platform will be carried out in the year 2023 and that until then it will not implement any changes. This implies that Google has already controlled the EU ‘at its disposal’.

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Google fighting the European Union

The US company has stated that, if the UK Competition and Markets Authority abides by the conditions and commitments of the Privacy Sandbox, it will apply them worldwide.

However, many of the companies have stated that if this occurs, your businesses will plummet due to Google ads, and, therefore, it should be mandatory ask users for their consent to process your data for ad targeting “without Google capturing that decision”, in addition to urging that “Google must respect the relationship between publishers and users without interfering”, as stated in a report by the Financial Times. A Google spokesperson responded to this in such a way: “People want a more private and secure web, and we’ve come up with ideas to help build it with new digital advertising tools to protect privacy and prevent covert tracking, while supporting a thriving ad-supported open web.”

Apple, Facebook and Amazon also top the list of complaints

Google is not the first nor the last company to receive a lawsuit from the European Union. Other large companies such as Apple, Facebook and Amazon have gone through the same.

Manzana received a lawsuit because he was at war with Epic Games over App Store rules. This forced Apple to offer a large commission for each sale, in addition to prohibiting companies from using other payment methods.

As to Facebookreceived an antitrust complaint for carry out illegal and anti-competitive tactics tried to monopolize the power of social networks.

Later it was time to Amazon. The company was sued due to the way in which it managed third-party sales through its platform.

All of them, including Google, they will have to tighten their belts and deal with the complaints filed. Failure to obey them could have serious consequences.

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