Prince Mahmud’s song in Shakib Khan’s movie, Indians are also impressed

Shakib Khan starrer film ‘Priyatma’ was released yesterday on Eid. And Prince Mahmood, the extremely popular composer of the nineties, sang for the first time in this movie of Shakib Khan. The song is called ‘Ishwar’. Directed by Himel Ashraf, this movie has been getting a huge positive response so far.

Especially the love of this movie has crossed the boundaries. Not only the Bengali speakers of India but also the Hindi speakers of the country have indulged in ‘God’ craze. There are tons of video recommendations coming on the YouTube platform, which are getting huge response from Indian Bengali speakers as well as Hindi speakers. Saying, ‘We didn’t know that M on is a beautiful song in Bengali language.

We are impressed.’

Two young women from a channel called Brosis were saying, ‘We are really surprised to hear this song. Its melody was touching our hearts. And Shakib Khan’s look at the end of the song is incredible.

80-year-old Shakib Khan blinked, what an expression. It’s really surprising.’

A young YouTuber named Tazmin Reno broke down in tears as she reacted to the song. Several such Hindi responses were received. The essence of which is the same.

They are fascinated by this song. Impressed with Shakib Khan’s look. They are also interested in watching the movie.

Several YouTubers in West Bengal are making videos based on the views of viewers. Where they say Prince Mahmud is going to do something we guessed. That assumption is correct.

Written by Someshwar Oli, sung by a young singer named Riyad. Prince Mahmood said, ‘I have sung for Shakib Khan’s movie. It’s a different kind of song. A slow but heart touching tune – just like that. Shakib Khan has heard the song. Shakib himself is impressed. The hero of the movie really liked Dhaka.’

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Prince Mahmud sang for the first time in a film in 2007. The song ‘Jail Khanar Chithi’ sung by Limon was used in Mustafa Sarwar Farooq’s movie ‘Third Person Singular Number’. The song was very popular. Then in 2015, Animesh sang for the second time in Aicher’s movie Zero Degree.

The song titled ‘Deceit and Hate’ was sung by Mahfuz Anam James. In 2023, Shakib Khan’s ‘Priyatma’ made ‘Ishwar’.

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