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Prime Video in legal trouble over ‘Dancing on the Grave’ series, sues to ban it

Prime Video in legal trouble over 'Dancing on the Grave' series, sues to ban it

Murli Manohar Mishra, also known as Swami Shraddhanand, has said that the documentary “negatively affects” his legal rights. Murli Manohar is known to have been sentenced to life in prison for murder and is currently in Sagar Central Jail, Madhya Pradesh.

According to a Bar & Bench report, Murli Manohar’s lawyer in a legal notice sent to India Today and Prime Video said: “The said web series (Dancing on the Grave) belongs to my client whose case is before the Supreme Hon. The court is pending. Her web series on Writ Application No. 66 of 2014 is a clear violation of the law and prejudicial to my client’s legal rights in a matter pending before the judge. Therefore, I request you through this legal notice to appeal that, immediately after receiving this legal notice, stop the dissemination of your previous web series.

The notice further states: “Otherwise, I have clear instructions to initiate criminal proceedings against you in the court of law, for which you will be solely responsible for all costs and consequences.” Apart from this, Murli Manohar’s lawyer has also demanded an amount of Rs 55 lakhs for this legal action.

This web series premiered on Prime Video on April 21. Based on a true incident, this crime series is written and directed by Patrick Graham. Kanishk Singh Deo co-wrote the documentary.

Let me tell you, this web series is based on the murder of Shekere Namazi who belonged to the then royal family of Mysore, Karnataka in 1990. In which Namazi was buried alive. Murli Manohar alias Swami Shraddhanand was convicted in the case.

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